What Older People Can Learn From Kids

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What Older People Can Learn From Kids

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Children are constantly learning and growing with adults passing on their accumulated wisdom. However, there are a lot of things adults can learn from kids. From simplicity and honesty to never giving up, here is a list of life tips we can learn from children.

  • Let it Out – Children are known for expressing themselves. While sometimes this isn’t the best (temper tantrums, anyone?), most of the time it’s a healthy expression. Rather than letting your emotions build up inside you, take a cue from the kids and let it all out. Not only will this expression and acknowledgement make you feel better, it will also make room for whatever emotion is coming next.
  • Be Proud of Your Scars – Adults hide their scars and their pain, thinking wounds make them look weak. Children, on the other hand, show off their scars as they make them survivors. Whether your scars are physical or less visible, wear them proudly. You survived something to get that scar, and the world needs to see how amazing you are.
  • Follow Your Heart – Whether it’s dancing to your favorite song or quitting that awful job, follow your heart just like the kids. Kids aren’t afraid of embarrassing themselves, so they take risks without fear. This mindset can only help you as you move through adult life.
  • Its OK to Make a Mistake – Similarly, kids aren’t afraid to fail because they believe in themselves. They jump into the deep end of the pool, take off their training wheels, and ultimately grow because of it. If you’re too scared to make mistakes, you will never try anything new and will therefore never grow.
  • Be a Little Selfish – When you were a kid, you thought the world revolved around you, and you weren’t afraid to brag about your accomplishments or to ask for what you needed or wanted. Try to bring back a little of that feeling now. Be the hero of your own story. Go ahead and brag about that promotion, and dare to ask for what you want.
  • Forgive – Kids fight, and then 5 minutes later will play together like nothing happened. This is because children don’t have egos, and they don’t hold grudges. Letting go is a key part of life. Give this a try, and do your best to let go of past trespasses. Your life will be much more carefree, and your relationships will be healthier.

Take a page out of a children’s book, and try to incorporate these ideas into your everyday life. Looking for more childlike advice? Check out books like “I Learn From Children” by Caroline Pratt, or listen to Ted talks like What Adults Can Learn From Kids orA Teen Just Trying To Figure It Out.” You can also get a daily dose of wisdom and laughs by following the Instagram page of the Emotional Advice Kid from New York City.

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