The Music of Time

Author: AB Staff

The Music of Time


Today, as our life spans get longer, we may to live to 100+. Only a century ago, most people lived into their early 40s, and died after working in the fields or factories. With an elongated life, it’s more important than ever that we develop the mindset and skills to “lead” a fulfilling life, throughout the journey.

Age Brilliantly’s sixth life essential is Time. We connect the Present to our past (which we reframe to see where we’re going) and our Future (which we need to envision and then create). Throughout our journey we connect Time with Love, with Money, with Relationships, with Passion, and Purpose. It affects our self-esteem, career choices, etc. All the things we do to live a quality life come with the proper mastering of the time for our Future-selves.

However, we don’t always indulge or encourage the conversations about using the future time we have to lead fulfilling. To help you, we curated a Spotify playlist full of songs that talk about the essence of time. Enjoy the podcast and remind yourself about the important things in life and time interacts with work / family, and more.

Some popular featured songs are as follows:

Find more songs here:

Tune into our playlist mix and reflect on the importance that time has in our lives. Our playlist may motivate you to use time to the fullest potential!

If you have other song recommendations that you would like added in the playlist, email us at! We would love to hear from you.

Let’s Age Brilliantly and lead a long, fulfilling life.