Power Of Age Diversity

Author: AB Staff

Power Of Age Diversity

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The conflict between people of different generations and ideologies is an age-old phenomenon. But the more we look at the bigger picture, the more we become aware of the power of age diversity. Especially now, with the current inclusion strategies in organizations and programs around the world it is immensely important for our society.

Implementation Of Age Diversity: Age diversity does not stop just at workplace inclusion policies. It is a broader idea that should be implemented in every possible field of our daily life. Breaking traditions, stereotypes, and prejudices is not only a nice thing to do in today’s world. Instead, it is high time that we all come forward to realize the necessity of age diversity in our lives.

Based on a study by PWC, it is stated that in the design of diversity and inclusion initiatives, only 8 percent of companies consider the aspect of age. It is an unfortunate scenario for our generation that the current workplace cultures still have such practices. It majorly mitigates the availability of scopes and opportunities for elderly workers.

Importance Of Age Diversity: There are many necessities for age diversity in our community, culture, and workplaces. One of the most extensive powers of a diverse community is innovation. A diverse age environment provides a wide range of experiences, perspectives, and approaches. This variety of viewpoints can easily become the source of innovation and outside-the-box thinking.

Not only that, an age diverse community can work together to fill in varieties of criteria. In this way, when one hand falls short, the other can come forward to support it. This is not only in terms of perspective and approaches but also in terms of generating strategies, conducting critical thinking, and handling a shortcoming to appropriately achieve risk management.

With the fast-booming pace of the present world and technological advancements that are taking over the world, the generation gap is now more comprehensive than ever. It is essential to realize that creating such barriers and gaps will only come back as a challenge for us. In contrast, erasing the gap and creating a diverse age community will prove highly beneficial.

To foster creativity and forward-thinking, age diversity is vital. According to Harvard Business Review, age diversity can harness essential powers crucial for our society, including- empowerment, innovation, upskilling, increased productivity, etc. Age diversity is extremely powerful for our culture and workplaces in bringing in improved performance.

So, What Should We Do?: It is high time that companies realize the power of age diversity in our community, society, and workplace cultures. In order to foster advancement, empowerment, and innovation, it is crucial to implement an age diverse inclusion strategy in every field of our life around us.

Increasing awareness about age discrimination, which is often looked over or even accepted in work culture is obviously the first step. Many companies are actually succeeding by including an older workforce. Exposing their stories to the world, especially company owners, can really change the conception of the company owners of the world and finally put a long awaited end to this injustice and waste of a productive and competent age demographic.

We must all come forward to break the age-old stereotypes and prejudices against the age diversity around us. Because in the end, age diversity is a significant powerhouse that will drive us toward growth and success. For more conversations, participate in our online forum to share your thoughts. Make sure to register now to become a member of our community.