Student for a Day: One Day University Lectures

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Student for a Day: One Day University Lectures

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How would you like to attend a one-day series of lectures by today’s elite college professors? Well, now you can. Thanks to One Day University, thousands of mature adults can now access inspiring learning experiences without the hustle of cluttered class schedules and homework.

When founder Steven Schragis attended a complimentary lecture at his daughter’s college in 2006, he saw parents fume a common sentiment: “I wish I was the one going to college!” It was clear that years of career and family focus had given adults new appreciation for college lectures. They were thrilled by the opportunity to expand their minds. So Steven went off perusing the nation for the most highly touted, award-winning professors, and created one-day events for them to share their most exciting, eye-opening, thought-provoking lectures with anyone interested. There would be no tests, grades or homework, just a presentation with a Q&A session at the end. The events have been wildly successful, gifting adults around the country the privilege of enjoying the most buzz-worthy topics and lectures of today’s college campuses!

One Day University currently hosts dozens of live events around the country each year, many of them completely selling out. They have also developed an online subscription service for those passionate about learning but unable to attend the live events.

If you would enjoy reentering the classroom for just one day, and joining a group of passionate life-long learners, One Day University is for you. It is the perfect opportunity to expand your mind, reconnect with the intellectual ideas of today’s world, and reignite your love of learning.

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