Choosing the Right Senior Living Options for You

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Choosing the Right Senior Living Options for You

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We often dream of relaxed retired life after spending years and years of hard work. Though senior living is more about spending quality time with our loved ones or following our passion in free time, it can also invite troubles of aging health conditions and greater level of dependency. This makes it essential to explore senior living options to understand the opportunities after hitting a certain age. Whether we fulfil the role of a care-giver or about to enter into senior years ourselves, it is important to evaluate accommodation choices to make a sound decision.

What are the steps to explore these options?

Plan well in advance: Rather than feeling overwhelmed and worried about pre-conceived notions, it is extremely important to plan well in advance and gather all the necessary information. Senior living does not mean being trapped in a nursing home. There are several arrangements such as assisted living facilities, independent senior living and skilled nursing facilities.

Evaluate the right type depending on needs: It is incorrect to standardize senior living requirements. Every individual has different set of needs, priorities, responsibilities and feasible solutions. Instead of opting for the most famous kind, it is important to understand the medical needs. Whether a senior can perform their own activities of daily living and reside in independent facilities or whether one needs constant medical supervision and assistance will help in picking the right choice.

Research the scope of each facility– While researching each of the above facilities, it is important to understand what is offered and what is not. The type of ambiance and facilities must match with the requirement of the resident. It is essential to visit the facility and gather information based on first-hand observation. A perfect match between needs and provisions will enable them to live happily without any worries.

 Understand the three main categories

  • Independent living facilities– These are senior living communities or retired communities where seniors live within a complex. It offers maximum independence for residents with limited assistance in case of emergencies. It provides scope for social engagements as senior members reside within a closed community.
  • Assisted living facilitiesAssisted facilities provide help of care-givers in order to accomplish activities of daily living. This is ideal for seniors who need assistance on a daily basis. They also offer medical supervision if needed along with facilities such as transportation, timely meals in common dining area, social activities in community hall. Assisted facilities maintain the balance between independence and supervision, enabling peace of mind for the residents. The cost may be higher as compared to independent living and some of the portion can be covered by benefits.
  • Skilled nursing facilities– This facility is suitable for individuals who need constant medical care and supervision. The aim is to provide assistance of care-givers, skilled nurses and health care staff. Skilled nursing can be expensive when paid privately. Certain benefits may be available.

Besides these, there are provisions such as home care-givers who can provide care and support within premises of the house. It is important to understand the care requirements of the seniors and choose the best option for continued care affection and happiness.

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What are your thoughts on senior living facilities? What factors will determine your decision? Do share your comments and feedback. Making the right decision will ensure peace and pleasure for all.