Educational Travel: The World Is Yours!

Author: AB Staff

Educational Travel: The World Is Yours!

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There are many methods for pursuing lifelong education, but only one can bring your studies to life: educational travel. This is an inspiring way to stretch your intellectual understanding of the past by immersing you in the subject at hand. Today, these insightful expeditions are more accessible than ever.

The trend of mature adults striking out to see the world has been gaining momentum for decades. According to AARP, baby boomers today are spending over $120 billion annually on leisure travel. “Boomers make up a large segment of the traveling public, and so it’s particularly important for the travel industry to be aware of what Boomers are looking for in their vacations going into 2016. This new survey finds that their travel desires often differ greatly from younger travelers,” says Stephanie Miles, VP, Products & Platforms, AARP. One of these key differences is the desire for educational travel experiences loaded with insightful tours and guides.

There has been a great response from travel companies eager to take advantage of this growing market. They have developed amazingly simple, informative, enjoyable, and stress-free methods for showing boomers the world.  Here are some of our favorite companies who can provide these great experiences:

  • Educational Travel Community (
    • A membership organization dedicated to promoting lifelong learning through travel. Their mission is to facilitate deeper, more enduring connections between travelers and the communities they visit through strong interpretation, experiential programming, and meaningful engagement.
  • ElderTreks (
    • Offers active, off-the-beaten-path, small group adventures by both land and sea in over 100 countries. ElderTreks offers wildlife and tribal African safaris, active hiking trips to the Rockies, Himalayas and Andes, expeditions by icebreakers to the Arctic and Antarctic and cultural journeys throughout Asia, South America and much of the world. 
  • Roads Scholar (
    • Offers 5,500 learning adventures in 150 countries and all 50 states, serving more than 100,000 participants per year. Alongside renowned experts, participants experience in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning opportunities by land and by sea on travel adventures designed for boomers and beyond.
  • Smithsonian Journeys (
    • Offers tours and cruises in settings such as a river cruise and train program through western Europe, watching the Great Migration on the Serengeti, and traveling to the Galapagos or Grand Teton National Park. An enduring and proven leader in cultural and enrichment travel, with knowledgeable Smithsonian Journeys Experts, dedicated
 tour staff, and carefully selected travel partners, who combine their expertise, care, and planning skills, to create exceptional travel experiences.

With these companies alone, you can go anywhere in the world and be cared for by experienced professionals throughout. You will be brought face-to-face with all the places you dreamed of for years, finally crossing some big-ticket items off that bucket list. And you will do so surrounded by like-minded, enthusiastic individuals who are just as eager to arrive at those special locations. So go chase your dreams, build new friendships, and make the memories of a lifetime!

Have you ever taken an educational trip before? Where did you go? What makes you apprehensive about such a trip? How can you resolve the issues holding you back? Share all your struggles and triumphs with us!