A New Take On Midlife Education

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A New Take On Midlife Education

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You’re probably not a stranger to midlife education. We’ve discussed it in length in articles like this or this. However, there is a new take on continued or senior education that might soon be taking the world by storm.

The Modern Elder Academy, located in Mexico’s Baja peninsula, is dedicated to teaching older generations how to become a “modern elder.” This school is more boutique resort for midlife plus learning than academy, but it’s motto is uplifting: “Come to Baja California Sur, Mexico to reset, restore and repurpose your life.”

The school’s founder, Chip Conley, was inspired to create the school because he spend a fair amount of time working in businesses where he was twice the age of most employees. The entire curriculum is based on Conley’s book Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern Elder, and is geared towards helping adults aged 45 to 65 transition to the next life phase.

One week at the Modern Elder Academy will set you back $5,000. Their two-week immersion program is priced at $10,000. There are scholarships available that cover about 50% of the cost of tuition room and board, as Conley is a big believer that inclusion and diversity can only help. Anyone can apply on their website, but it’s a very competitive program that only accepts 12 to 18 students at a time. Once you’re in, though, you’re in for a great time. Classes vary greatly from work and career seminars to more introspective and mindful workshops. The campus, located on tow beautiful acres of Pacific Ocean beachfront, includes a pool, preserved dune, silent contemplation park, and massage studio. Some course highlights are:

  • The Art of Really Living
  • How to Prepare for a Job or Career Transition
  • Becoming Water: Transform Body & Mind Through Yoga & Surfing
  • Soul Journey: Rediscover Connection and Purpose

Program graduates can also attest to its efficacy. In fact, there’s a Modern Elder Academy Facebook group where graduates can stay connected and new students can learn the ropes.

While the Modern Elder Academy seems like a revolutionary, once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s not the only option for continued or midlife education.  Other more known colleges and universities offer education geared towards older generations, like:

You can visit the links to learn more about these programs, but the majority of them are more standard college experiences with yearlong programs, tuition and classes.

What sets the Modern Elder Academy apart from these other programs, and what Conley thinks makes it successful, is that it gives participants the chance to completely disconnect, take stock and reassess without distraction. However, the entire Modern Elder team agrees that it takes more than a week or two to completely change someone’s life. They hope that participants take what they learn during the program and apply it to the rest of their experience to make gradual and lasting change.

Would you attend a program like Modern Elder Academy? Tell us why or why not in the comments below. Check back for more articles coming soon.