A Lesson From Gen-Z: The Great Resignation

Author: judyjudy

A Lesson From Gen-Z: The Great Resignation


You don’t have to work at jobs you don’t want; you don’t have to retire because other people are following a norm created decades ago. If you want to lead a fulfilling life, you have limitless choices. The pandemic reminded people that if they’re not happy, they should get in touch with their values and rethink their actions. Why put off working on activities for which you have passion, or give you a sense of purpose, meaning, and legacy rather than wait many years in the future when you retire?

According to Business Insider, Gen-Z is winning in the Great Resignation, as they transition to higher paying jobs at a 30% higher rate than they were in 2021. Gen-Z may be the most likely to move jobs, but this rate is currently increasing for all generations. In fact, transition rates have increased within the past year for Millennials and Gen-X as well. 

So what does The Great Resignation teach every generation about their freedom? 

  1. Know Your Worth: The top reason for shifting jobs is a pay increase, and while money is not everything and does not buy happiness, it does correlate to a better way of living. No one should wait to change this for themselves, especially if their current company is not offering promotions or is not willing to collaborate to achieve mutual goals. Even if you have already been with a company for 30 years, it is important to remember that the labor market is currently favoring workers. This is the time for every generation to recognize their worth, and advocate for what they deserve. 
  1. Chase Passion: Frequently switching jobs may not be seen as favorable, but there is a cost-benefit analysis to consider. Are you willing to put off your passions until after you retire, when you can integrate them into your career and life today? The New York Post explains that Gen-Zers are chasing fulfillment in their careers, rather than pushing their passions towards the end of their to-do list. This includes the opportunity to travel, spending time with family, or having more flexibility in general. Increased quitting is not a reflection of laziness; it displays how individuals are prioritizing their principles.
  1. Build Your Legacy Now: No generation should wait until retirement to start building their legacy. This legacy may not be career-related, or it may be the result of switching jobs and focusing on a path that reflects one’s passion. For some, building a meaningful legacy requires more free-time, rather than time in the office. Take note of Gen-Z, and think about what your legacy means, and how you can start building that foundation now. 

Age Brilliantly urges individuals of every generation to focus on what they care about in life. This may mean taking part in The Great Resignation, and allowing yourself to take on a better job that aligns with your goals. No matter where you want to go next in your career, the most important lesson from Gen-Z’s rampant quitting remains strong; construct your life path with the freedoms and passions you cherish. Do what you love, when you want to do it!