Grandfather Returns to School, Fulfills Childhood Dream

Author: AB Staff

Grandfather Returns to School, Fulfills Childhood Dream

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Durga Kami, 68, has been unable to fulfill his life-long dream of getting educated – until now. As part of the Dalit class in Nepal’s caste system, he and the vast majority of his contemporaries were neglected by their educational institutions. However, Mr. Kami’s pursuit of knowledge is still alive and well, landing him in a classroom with peers decades younger. This hasn’t been an issue for anyone in the class, as he is prone to asking youngsters for help with his studies, and they have been more than happy to lend their support.

Nepal may be a world away, but valuable lessons can be learned from Mr. Kami’s relentless ambition. The desire to learn and expand our minds never dwindles, but is an integral part of the human experience. If you’re long-term career is coming to an end, it is important to recognize the world of opportunities now available to you. Use our resources to access life long learning organizations near you, and find fulfillment in your third stage of life.

Is there any subject that you’ve always wanted to study? What factors have prevented you from enjoying this intellectual experience? What advice would you give to fellow community members for pursuing education later in life? Share your thoughts and experiences below!