12 Meal Kit Clubs Ideal for Seniors

Author: AB Staff

12 Meal Kit Clubs Ideal for Seniors

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More often than not, there comes a point in life when even the best of cooks must hang up their faded yet favorite aprons. The kids are all grown, gone and have families of their own to tend after. Unwelcomed dietary changes and creeping arthritis are just two examples of reasons why so many seniors shy away from preparing or simply enjoying meals long abandoned.

Fortunately, there are several meal kit services available to satisfy the most demanding taste buds and strictest of diets. Also, meal kit delivery service can be the best answer for those who are unable to do any grocery shopping or lift and lug numerous bags of items. Many services even prep the healthy ingredients for their customers, saving loads of time.

1, Blue Apron, although not uniquely designed for seniors, does offer strictly vegetarian meals as an option with easy to follow recipe cards.

  1. Chefs For Seniors meal service is geared towards helping elderly people who can no longer cook for themselves with fully licensed and insured chefs preparing all meals inside the clients’ kitchen.
  2. The staff at Silver Cuisine by BistroMDbelieves wholeheartedly in whipping up delicious, nutritional meals that come fully prepared and only require heating.
  3. Hello Fresh offers a selection of gourmet and vegetarian easy to prepare meals using ingredients fresh from the farm along with information regarding the amount of calories.
  4. Sun Basket is another ready-to-cook meal service with meals falling into vegetarian, gluten-free, Paleo, diabetic, soy free and dairy free categories.
  5. Green Chef uses organic, pre-measured ingredients, no growth hormones or antibiotics.
  6. Chef’d provides a selection of 300 meal plans which can be customized.
  7. Gobble offers simple one-pan meals designed to be cooked in under 15 minutes.
  8. Munchery meals can also be prepared quickly but uses organic ingredients and packages of pre-pared sauces.
  9. Home Chef uses flavors which rescues foods from tasting boring and bland.
  10. Founded by a doctor, Balance by BistroMD creates and delivers healthy meals for special diets.
  11. Home and style maven Martha Stewart also has meal delivery service called Marley Spoon which works with an-inhouse nutritionist.

Deciding what to eat can be challenging at times, especially for seniors. So why not let a meal kit service help make that decision for you? Meal plan clubs are becoming more and more popular and can play an exceptional part in making day to day chores less stressful. Plus, the added flavors and new twists to some of these recipes could bring on a smile big enough to light up a room. It is also a convenient way to supply those hard to find ingredients necessary for specialized diets. Of all the kits available, there is surely at least one or two out there to fit any budget or needs. Most meal kits start around $9 per person per serving and come with weekly menus.