10 Podcasts to Improve Your Financial Literacy

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10 Podcasts to Improve Your Financial Literacy

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Whether you’re in the car, on the train, or in the comfort of your home, there are many times where you can squeeze in a quick burst of financial education. With the fast growth of online media, there are now over half a million finance-related podcasts that cover everything from the basics, to investing, entrepreneurship, and retirement. Here are the top 10 podcasts we found that can help you boost your financial literacy:


Learning the fundamentals of money management for your first foray into the financial world.

Ever since it launched in the midst of the financial crisis, Planet Money has covered many of the basic financial questions that arise in daily life. With a fun twist added, this podcast is a mash-up of intriguing stories and detailed explanations, providing the listener with an easy gateway into the financial universe.

The BiggerPockets podcast focuses on answering some of the most pressing financial literacy questions. By providing the “education you didn’t get in school,” this series features success stories from people who solved their financial woes, and have gone on to achieve big things.

An all-encompassing act, The Dave Ramsey Show touches on every aspect of financial planning, including budgeting, saving, debt relief, and insurance. As the 3rd largest radio show with over 16 million weekly listeners, this podcast helps you figure out where you want to be financially. Dave Ramsey’s answer to this dilemma? “You can get there from here.”

One of the top rated financial podcasts, the So Money series is headed by Farnoosh Torabi, an author, financial correspondent, and established TV star. The podcasts features conversations with established financial leaders, such as Tim Ferriss, Jim Cramer, and many others. Fridays are home to #AskFarnoosh, where the host addresses some of her listeners’ most pressing questions.


Using your knowledge of the financial markets to build the best portfolio that meet your needs.

Led by hedge fund member Phil Down and his daughter, Danielle, the InvestED podcast explores the investing strategies of some of the largest funds on earth. The series helps you to understand how to make the right investments and curate your portfolio.

As the name suggests, the We Study Billionaires podcast studies billionaires. This podcast dives deep into the investing methods used by finance tycoons, such as Warren Buffett. Even if you’re not a billionaire, this podcast provides a lot of great tips in developing stock picking strategies.


Taking the right steps to start your dream business and take it off the ground.

Tim Ferriss is one of the most recognized names in the business sphere, carrying the honor of #1 business podcast on Apple and Fortune Magazine. Celebrities, business moguls, sports stars, and investors are just some of the guests Tim brings onto his show, all sharing valuable tips for those looking to succeed both personally and professionally.

This weekly SPI podcast with Pat Flynn, a successful entrepreneur and startup consultant, shows you the ropes for creating your own business and setting up streams of passive income. Focusing mostly on online businesses and blogs, the podcast provides a lot of tips and tricks for monetizing your webpages and taking your online business off the ground.


Using the fruits of your labor to pursue your dreams and travel the world in your golden years.

The Mad FIentist (Financial Independent-ist), is one of the biggest names in the early retirement sphere. On his podcast, he picks the brains of some of the most well-known figures in the financial independence sphere, allowing you to start planning properly for your early retirement.

After writing his book Financial Freedom Grant Sabatier, his blog of the same name focuses on the attainment of true financial independence. Known for his blog Millennial Money, Grant addresses the important aspects of early retirement planning, making “financial freedom accessible to all.”

Which of these podcasts has helped you the most in developing your financial understanding? Are we missing a podcast that you found useful? Share with other members!

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