Your Comfort Zone Is Costing You Way Too Much Step Out Of It And Seize Your Dreams

Author: Mark Danaher

Your Comfort Zone Is Costing You Way Too Much Step Out Of It And Seize Your Dreams


As a child, you were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Not the best question to ask, but I am thinking everyone has been asked it. People grow and evolve, and it is perfectly normal and okay for professionals to change their minds and find new passions. Changing career paths can be a scary, challenging, and soul-searching process. It requires courage, an open mind, and resilience to dare taking the next step in life.

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious to try something else, dabble into the unknown, and chase for something we really want. It is human nature. Many of us tend to stay right where we are, afraid to leave our comfort zone. Right there lies the tremendous mistake that ultimately may have a high cost.

Staying in your comfort zone may slowly and unnoticeably kill your joy. The longer you stay within it, the more comfortable you may become. On the other hand, though, if you open your mind and heart to leaving your safe and comfortable space, you will conquer your fears and muster the strength to let go of your “safe spot.” You will gain the courage needed to go to the next phase of your life and follow your passions.

Let me explain why the cost of your inaction could be ultimately devastating and how you can break free from your fears and find fulfillment in a change of careers.

The comfort zone is a familiar, secure place. Feeling safe and comfortable is crucial to our well-being. And while it keeps you somewhat safe from chaos, it may produce anxiety, insecurity, and stress. It can also have dire consequences. Stepping out of your comfort zone requires some courage and resilience. However, a healthy dose of fear is completely natural and will give you a new push of energy.                            

Staying in your comfort zone inhibits growth

Humans are genetically wired to seek a safe environment and a feeling of peaceful solace. Many of us tend to avoid doing the things that scare us, so we keep living in the sacred comfort zone. And yes, the zone is a beautiful space, but nothing ever grows there.

The same routines and behavior will eventually make you bored. Without new activities, challenges, and a fight to reach your goals, you will grow stagnant.

Staying in your comfort zone makes your brain lazy

Although the brain is a genius piece of human software, it also tends to retain low energy usage by sticking to what you always do. The brain has no idea about the difference between good and bad habits and has a high tendency to get lazy when you stay in your comfort zone.

Staying in your comfort zone keeps you from finding new passions and ideas

Finding what you are truly passionate about may be one of your most important and rewarding efforts. It is what will make you content and happy and make a positive difference in the world. There is where the fulfillment lies.

Some are lucky to discover their true dreams early on in life. Others take some more time, but that is perfectly natural. When you are ready to that critical leap, you will be ready to try new things.

Staying in your comfort zone creates no growth

Settling for what you have and what is safe will eventually kill that unique spark of yours. Settling may be the worst decision of all. Never taking any chances and risks will keep you from discovering your true self and finding happiness.

Staying in your comfort zone will prevent your true happiness

For many, staying in a job you hate may be necessary at the moment. Some people feel guilty of even dreaming of something great, like fulfilling their biggest desires. Yes, you are lucky to have a job, but if it does not make you happy, why not reinvent yourself?

Pushing your limits and taking a leap is something that will pay off greatly. Not necessarily because you are going to reach your goals, but because of all the things you will learn about yourself and the world.

There are so many benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone. These are just some of them.

You will find new opportunities

Chasing your dreams, professionally or in every other way, will undoubtedly put you a position you have never been in before. Though there will be challenges, there will inevitably also be new opportunities.

Use your new sense of self and strength, combine it with all the opportunities flying around you, and aim for your goals. Unrestrained from your insecurities of the past, you will reach your new, fulfilling purpose in life.

You will gain control of your own life

Once you realize your fears are of your own creation, you will toss them aside more easily with that changed perspective. Your fears are preventing you from leaving your comfort zone.

You will get a new sense of self

Facing the unknown is undoubtedly scary, but you will be amazed by the untapped knowledge and strengths you have that you are not aware of. You will learn that you are stronger than you previously thought, which is empowering. From that point on, you will gain confidence in your own capacity and capabilities.

Do not be afraid of failure. One thing is for sure; there is no such thing as a failure. You either win or learn, said the great Nelson Mandela. Looking at obstacles as lessons rather than failures is indeed very empowering.

Final word

Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, but it is also so worth it. Your life goals and happiness are essential and postponing them because of fear is a mistake you will regret. Finding the courage to push through the routines and obstacles will pay off immensely. Everyone on this planet has it in them, and so do you.

I know you can do this! Good luck!