Why Network on LinkedIn?

Author: Mark Danaher

Why Network on LinkedIn?


…Tips on how to Do It.

In any meeting or social occasion, you may hear, “Can I find you on LinkedIn?” This social network is a platform built for professionals, allowing them to build working relationships.

This article will outline why LinkedIn is integral to career success, along with tips on the best network practices.

Why Network on LinkedIn?

Networking is essential for career success, presenting new opportunities and boosting your prospects in the workplace. LinkedIn is an indispensable networking tool with some effective features and functionality.

It’s a platform that makes all the essentials of networking easier and allows more accessible contact, industry sharing, and a data-driven approach to widening your circle. Whether you are on LinkedIn already or want to start a profile, we have some tips to help you build your most robust professional network.

Here are 4 Tips to Better Network on LinkedIn

Are you ready to supercharge your professional network? Use these four tips to get the connections coming in.

1.    Connect with people you know.

Start your LinkedIn network by connecting with your friends, families, and current and former colleagues. That builds a base for your professional connections, and it showcases others that you have an ever-expanding network, and they’ll be able to back up your profile claims.

The people you know will endorse your skills, make recommendations, and paint a better picture of you as a professional in your industry.

2.    Create posts that share your professional insight on leading industry topics.

LinkedIn posts are an excellent feature as a professional social media platform. It will allow you to make updates, tell the workplace stories, and, most importantly – share professional insight.

These posts could arouse the curiosity of many other professionals who would be keen to connect with you and exchange ideas and information. In addition to posting, responding to posts is essential to growing your credibility in your industry.

3.    Find distant contacts.

LinkedIn can be extremely productive in locating persons you’ve lost touch with over the years. These could be old colleagues, business partners, friends, and even persons critical to your career that you have known in the past.

Reconnecting with these people demonstrates initiative and showcases your professionalism. It also presents opportunities to rekindle and nurture those relationships that benefitted you previously – because they are likely to help you in the future!

4.    Reach out to others in your industry.

Finally, your network can soar if you reach out to like-minded professionals you are unfamiliar with. It may be uncomfortable messaging strangers, but you’ll already have something similar that can connect you – your profession.

Try building relationships with others in familiar circles. You never know what opportunities await building rapport with someone you don’t even know.

Networking on LinkedIn Can Go a Long Way

If you haven’t already set up a LinkedIn profile as a professional, now is the time to do so. There are a lot of excellent opportunities on the platform, facilitated by the wealth of functionality provided to create and nurture relationships.

Sign up and start networking today, and you will greatly advance your career success.

If you need some help to start networking, reach out to me for a free call.