Where Do Road Scholars Want to Go When the World Opens Again? See Our Top 10 Most-Searched Locations

Author: Road Scholar

Where Do Road Scholars Want to Go When the World Opens Again? See Our Top 10 Most-Searched Locations


While we may not have been able to travel over the past year, we sure did dream about exploring new places and learning with our friends. So where are your fellow Road Scholars most interested in visiting when the world opens up again? Find out as we share our top 10 most-searched places by Road Scholars!

10. Utah

There are so many great reasons to explore Utah, but Road Scholars have five favorites: Arches, Bryce, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Zion.

Utah’s national parks are not only smorgasbords for incredible views, they are saturated with natural history, feats of geologic strength and important migration routes for some of America’s most fascinating wildlife. Strap on your hiking boots for an expert-led trek through Zion, or introduce your grandkids to Bryce Canyon as you explore the landscape by horseback.

9. Egypt

No one truly knows how the pyramids were constructed, or why the Great Sphinx — the world’s largest statue depicting the body of a lion and the head of a human — was erected in the desert of Giza. But one thing remains true: the ancient Egyptians continue to fascinate us, and Road Scholars would love to see these ancient wonders in person.

Sail down the Nile on a riverboat and learn from Egyptologists and you explore Giza, the Valley of the Kings and more. If you want to get a head start on your Egyptian studies, consider joining us for an online learning adventure that gives a front row seat on Cairo.

8. Yosemite National Park

We aren’t surprised that so many Road Scholars want to follow in the footsteps of John Muir, who loved the Yosemite region so much that he helped draw up its boundaries, get it established as a national park and co-founded the Sierra Club in an effort to protect it all. Just one look at Half Dome or a sunset in the Yosemite Valley, and you’re hooked for life.

If you’d like your next learning adventure to be in California’s Sierra Nevada, get active with us as we hike along Yosemite’s waterfalls, or learn about the intricacies of rock climbing with an expert. Or, if you’d like to experience the best of Yosemite from the comfort of your own home, you can learn with us online.

7. Ireland

If there’s anything that Road Scholars have been dreaming of in the past year, it’s been a “wee ramble” in the Emerald Isle. Looking out at green grass fields dotted with sheep, experiencing Irish culture and hospitality in quaint pubs or learning about historic treasures like the Book of Kells at Trinity College all sound like amazing experiences right about now.

So whether you want to explore Ireland’s coastlines and give the Blarney Stone a kiss or take your time to explore the city of Dublin, there’s no wrong way to discover Ireland with Road Scholar.

6. Yellowstone National Park
Should we be surprised that so many Road Scholars want to see Old Faithful up close, or dream of hiking through the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone? Well, we’re not. There are just too many incredible things to learn about and experience in America’s first national park, and we can’t wait to share them all with you.

We think you’ll really love joining a naturalist to learn about the park’s rich and dynamic ecosystems or getting a tutorial in the ethics of wildlife viewing. (Test out your skills as you look for bison, bears and much more.)

Hint: Grandkids also love horseback riding and earning their junior ranger badges in Yellowstone!

4. Costa Rica

If there’s anything this past year has taught us, it’s that getting back to nature is imperative for our mental and physical health. That’s where pura vida comes in ― the “pure life” is a way of life in Costa Rica, and there’s no question why Road Scholars are excited to experience it.

Walking along cloud forests and admiring the powerful beauty of Arenal Volcano in the distance would no doubt bring you closer to nature. And to spot a Resplendent Quetzal in jungle canopy might very well be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Imagine sharing the experience of zip lining above the jungle forest with your grandchild.

If all of this sounds amazing but you can’t get there in person, you can join our experts for a virtual visit to Costa Rica to learn about its wildlife, diverse ecosystems and even learn where your morning cup of coffee comes from.

3. Italy

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel, “Eat, Pray, Love,” Italy was the country where she chose to pursue her first goal ― eating. With some of the greatest cuisine in the world, it’s no wonder that Road Scholars are also searching for their next educational trip in Italy!

We suspect that Road Scholars are also hungry for many of the other things that Italy is famous for ― masterpieces by artists like Michelangelo, archaeological wonders like the lost city of Pompeii and cultural landmarks like the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. When it comes to culture and history, Italy may be one of the greatest places in the world to explore and get your fill of learning.

2. Iceland

Volcanoes and hot springs. Lagoons and icebergs. Some of the most dramatic natural scenery in the world is found in Iceland, which means that Road Scholars know that some of the most fascinating learning experiences can happen there too.

Share tales of Vikings with your grandchild or hike along Iceland’s dramatic landscapes with an expert. Can you imagine celebrating your next New Year’s Eve watching fireworks over the city of Reykjavik? The possibilities are truly endless.

1. Alaska

America’s Last Frontier. Where Bald Eagles flock like seagulls along fishing ports, and navigating around glaciers is simply another way of life. Our 49th state is the least populated, yet the most popular in terms of Road Scholars who are searching for their next educational trip.

There are so many ways to explore Alaska, you’ll have no issue finding your perfect fit. You can hike and kayak in the Alaskan wilderness or watch the countryside pass by as you journey across state by train. You can experience the best of Alaska’s national parks or voyage along its Inside Passage. Much like the state itself, your discoveries can feel limitless in this untamed American frontier.