What’s Your Adult Life-Plan?

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What’s Your Adult Life-Plan?


Do you have a Clear Roadmap to live a MUCH longer and MUCH higher quality of life? 

Many CEOs who used the leadership development resources of Vistage Worldwide to build more successful companies, are asking for help in deciding whether to continue the business, grow it, sell it, retire, build a plan for retirement, and plan out their 25-40 years of post-retirement living.  As a Speaker and Chair within the community I meet with others who share my interest in helping people. When they hear about the opportunity to share their expertise and research with adults hungry for more information, inspiration tools and support, they often offer to share it.

John Asher, CEO of the Asher Longevity Institute, wants to share a webinar he recently delivered to help our Age Brilliantly members develop a clear roadmap for living a MUCH longer and MUCH higher quality of life.

Their team analyzed a great deal of research on longevity and age reversal therapies and protocols and have developed nine critical steps towards an unlimited life.

John has been practicing what he advocates for over 30 years. In this presentation, he shows the clinical proof behind the following protocols and therapies. It includes:

1.  The four principle causes (at the cellular level) of aging and how to slow them down

2.  The gold standard for bio-markers based on advanced blood tests and imaging protocols

3.  Protocols for sleeping, eating and exercise to ward off disease

4.  The supplements needed for a life free of significant disease

5.  The benefits of a few previously approved prescription drugs that have significant longevity benefits

To learn more about recent discoveries based on a combination of biotechnology, nanotechnology, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that have the potential to reverse aging, enjoy this presentation!




For more information about John Asher’s work, contact jcahn@agebrilliantly.org.