What’s Next After the Business Exit: Launch Your Future Self

Author: AB Staff

What’s Next After the Business Exit: Launch Your Future Self


Have you recently considered returning to the workforce after retiring from your position? You’re not the only one! When you get to experience your retirement, everything seems dull and exhausting.

Maybe you are thinking about returning after your business exit but need a little push. So we bring you reasons for you to consider reversing your course from retirement!

Extra cash: For many reasons, nothing can be handier than some extra income! Senior adults are more vulnerable than ever to run out of money in retirement. According to a survey by Home Instead Inc., most respondents cited earning more money as their main reason for wanting to return to work.

Women are more financially disadvantaged after retirement. They may have taken time off work to raise families and care for elderly family members. So returning to work after retirement can improve their financial situation significantly!

A medicine for your boredom: Fighting boredom is one of the best reasons to return to work! Most people don’t plan for the loneliness that follows their workforce exit. They also don’t expect the lack of work to take away what gives their lives purpose and meaning.

For example, finding a job that allows you to help others could help you regain that sense of fulfillment. Your daily life at the workplace can at least let you experience a colorful life. It also gives you something to share at parties!

Helps you stay healthy: When you are outside the structures of a job, it’s easy to fall out of your healthy habits. Employers now offer more health incentives, wellness programs, and other benefits than ever. Without that support, it might be more difficult to maintain a healthy weight and an active lifestyle.

A co-worker who appreciates walks or other outdoor activities can be inspiring, even if you only work part-time. Even after adjusting for obesity, smoking, and other health predictors, retirement can cause poor health. So returning from retirement can help you greatly in staying healthy!

Live a longer life: Research indicates that more extended employment leads to longevity. In fact, according to Oregon State University researchers, continuing to work after age 65 may prolong life. But early retirement may increase the risk of dying sooner.

The results revealed that unhealthy adults would live longer if they continued working. So the research suggests that factors other than health may affect post-retirement mortality. Working more can work in favor of an extended life!

Emotional and social support: As you work together, your co-workers can become your closest friends. The friendships you develop at work may continue well into your retirement years. You may form such special bonds through company events or gatherings after work. Maintaining these bonds is crucial for healthy aging.

As you age, you may experience your family members and close friends passing away. You may even face your spouse or parents facing away at some point in life. When you are dealing with the loss, your co-workers’ support can ease your pain. For many, their jobs provide enough distractions to lessen the distress of losing a loved one.

Retirement may not be a relaxing and peaceful time as you thought it would be. Should you think about your future after your business exit? We share some reasons to take a different course away from retirement! Have more questions about the topic? Ask away on our forum! Want to become one of us? Go ahead, and register to join us!