Unstoppable at 101: All That We Can Learn From Iris Apfel

Author: AB Staff

Unstoppable at 101: All That We Can Learn From Iris Apfel


Unapologetic, daring, and iconic- these are the three words that you can use to describe Iris Apfel. She is continuing to be one of the most powerful figures in the fashion and design world. Even at the age of 101, Iris Apfel is unstoppable.

Just this month, Iris launched her latest work which is a collaboration with Ruggable. This launch includes 18 rug designs to make sure your home can speak for itself. With a “more is more” viewpoint, the latest launch of Iris Apfel with Ruggable can instantly grab your attention.

The collaboration designs highlight paisley and Persian-inspired styles, 18th-century European motifs, tropical birds, and a reimagined Kenyan safari. The vibrant, versatile, and eccentric rug designs are anything but ordinary.

As Iris Apfel describes, the design collection with Ruggable illustrates her emotions and feelings. This allows her to portray abstract ideas to tangible results. With this new launch, Iris Apfel is living one of the greatest highlights of her career at the age of 101.

Iris Apfel has found her way of expressing herself through her craft. At the same time, she makes old motifs and designs come to life with a contemporary look. We can learn numerous important lessons from Iris Apfel in her new launch. Here are a few of them.

Turning Age into Advantage: Perhaps, one of the most important lessons to take from Iris Apfel is taking your age into an advantage. As she continues to break the stereotypes of ageism, we can see how remarkably she keeps succeeding in the industry.

Allowing your experience, lessons, and skills to translate into your work can be a great advantage of age. This allows us to continue doing our best at any age, just like Iris Apfel.

Thinking young to stay young: Having a young mind allows you to be young. And when you think young, you can achieve that in your life and career. Iris Apfel demonstrates the perfect example of how being young at heart can work positively for you.

Similarly, the approach of thinking young provides us with unique takes and perspectives. So, we get to keep reinventing ourselves no matter the age.

Prioritize your uniqueness: It is always important for us to stay true to ourselves. That means, we have to prioritize our uniqueness. Iris Apfel stands out for embracing her individuality in the industry. This has empowered her through her challenges to come out with triumph.

Prioritizing our distinct ideas, and individuality can help us significantly in the long run. This is an important lesson to take from Iris Apfel, who is still iconic at 101.

Take chances, be bold: Iris Apfel shows us it is never too late to have a shot at your career, aims, or life as a whole. When you continue to utilize opportunities and take chances as they come, you keep growing. So, taking chances and being bold are two very important lessons to implement in our personal life as well as in our careers.

These important lessons teach us how age can never be a barrier to attaining newer heights of success. For both our personal lives and our careers, Iris Apfel stands as a profound inspiration. To add your thoughts more on this, have a look at our forum. Join our movement of purposeful living and register now.