Unplug and Recharge – 5 Easy Ways and more

Author: Mark Danaher

Unplug and Recharge – 5 Easy Ways and more


Are you feeling sluggish….run down…just going through the motions?

You need:

  • Less time looking at your laptop
  • More time reflecting and enjoying some silence
  • Fewer minutes immersed in stress
  • More minutes immersed in nature
  • Less social media and news media exposure
  • More time for gratitude

If you’re an overachiever, as I am, this is my reminder to you to TAKE A BREAK from time to time. 

I am quite literally obsessed with my job. My business is my passion, and I would not trade it for the world. It doesn’t matter how much you love what you do or how passionate you are. It is vital to unplug and recharge every now and then; otherwise, you will burn out.

I learned this the hard way, and I am sure many of you can relate.

Here are some ways you can recharge when you feel your battery running on reserve:

Put all your devices away. It is so important to take scheduled time away from your technology and media. My good friend Jim Peacock talked about scheduling time out to focus on yourself and your business. It is an excellent time to reflect and work on the vision of who you are and where you want to go. You will be amazed at the productivity and clarity you can gain by taking a tech-free Friday or weekend. Start with a 4-hour block and build from there.  Make sure you let people know you are off the grid and you will be back on later. The world will not crash, but you will if you do not take time for yourself.

Get lost in nature or go on a walk outside. I love taking my favorite hike around a pond at White Memorial Conversation Center in the northwest part of Connecticut. The car ride to the hike gives me energy and a chance to see the beauty in a more rural setting away from the hustle of my busy life. It is a favorite place that grounds me and allows me to gain perspective on my life and business. It is a nice easy hike that takes 45 minutes or more while taking in all the wildlife and plant life along the way. It is my go-to hike when I am stressed or getting run down. It is amazing what nature can do for you.

Gratitude for what you have. Gratitude is something that I try and do every day. It is important to be thankful for all the people in your life, along with all that you have. One of the best and easiest ways to practice gratitude is to be grateful for three things in your life every day. Your daily practice can be as simple as writing them down on a journal each day or using an app on your phone. I love using the “Day One” app as it allows me to add one photo for free, along with typing out my gratitude for the day. The best part of the app is that I get reminders of what I had written in previous years.  By practicing gratitude regularly, you will feel alive, be more positive, sleep better, be happier, have a better immune system, and even live a little longer. Not bad for a regular act of being thankful for what you have.

Meditate in the morning. When I feel overwhelmed or burned out, I know that I have not been meditating and taking time for myself. Meditation is essential to slow you down. Just sitting in silence is so helpful to reduce stress. This 10-minute practice has helped reduce stress in my life and has provided me with better energy and sharper awareness of who I am. I practice the Ziva Technique of meditation. Meditation apps are great as they help center you, but I wanted to go further and learn a practice that could be done regularly without an app.  My routine starts with mindfulness, then meditation, and ends with manifesting the life and day I want. This practice has helped recharge and ground me each day.

Get a little exercise. I do this in many ways, from going for a walk, biking, lifting weights in my basement to doing a workout video or exercise app. It is an effective way to get your endorphins going and to feel recharged. Your body and mind will benefit from this. Incorporating some exercise into your schedule each day is a key way to get moving again.  Find what exercise activity works for you and add it to your schedule. Your body and mind will thank you as you feel your energy come back.

Some other things that I do to recharge include calling a friend, taking a drive to some new place, going for a walk on the beach, taking a long ride on my road bike, watching the sunset or sunrise, preparing and eating a fresh meal, watching a funny show or movie, and talking with my wife. There are so many ways to recharge your internal batteries. Reflect on what gets your juices flowing when you need a boost.

Recharging your energy does not need to cost money. Try to do a weekly check-in with yourself to see how you are performing. When you see yourself start to lose energy, that is a signal to schedule some time to reduce your stress and regain your vitality.  

I know you can easily incorporate ways to regain energy in your life!