Unleash Your Life Potential

Author: Jerry Cahn

Unleash Your Life Potential

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Stephanie Burns, There’s a Superhero Inside of You,

One of the many mindset changes that the pandemic introduced, is the switch from work-life balance to work-life integration. Mastering it requires learning best practices we used at work and home and integrating into a full-life management process (FLM). By taking charge of your life, you can pursue a fulfilling ,elongated life.

In her article, There’s a Superhero Inside of You, Stephanie Burns, shares insights into this new mindset by focusing on Dr. Sonja Stribling, Ph.D., who is the mother of three boys, a divorcee and a powerful female of color. A retired Army Major, who spent 21 years serving three combat tours in a male-dominated field, she shares five life lessons. While she focuses on women, her wisdom applies to everyone:

  • Discover your message and amplify your voice. Recognize the full range of possibilities open to you. Then identify and stay true to your message as you share it with everyone who needs to hear it.
  • Help yourself before helping others. Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first is the key to handling the wide range of activities you want for as long as possible.
  • Build a personal roadmap. The full-life mapping process requires identifying your goals and strengths as well as recognizing the roadblocks you anticipate interfering with the plan. Then, design and implement a set of strategies to optimize the fulfilling life you want and constantly iterate as life throws you additional roadblocks!
  • Use your past to shape your future. Leverage the past experiences and connections and supplement them with new ones. Remember, to use the power of peers – their experiences and expertise.
  • Become your own CEO.  CEOs lead themselves and their organizations, and through their actions to consumers and citizens they influence. And, if you want additional influence consider becoming an entrepreneur; last year 4.4 million businesses were started by Americas.

By leveraging successes at home and in the workplace and forging them into an integrated full-life management system, you too can unleash your superhero.