Travel Tours for Senior Citizens

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Travel Tours for Senior Citizens


At Road Scholar, we’re experts in educational travel for adults over 50, so we’re perfectly poised to offer up some advice about travel tours for senior citizens! Our well-rounded educational tours span more than 100 countries and all 50 states. Road Scholar’s average guest age is 72, but participants at our guided tours for senior citizens range in age from their 50s to 90s. 

Filter your program options by level of activity, from “Easy Going” to more physically demanding “Outdoor: Challenging” programs.

Road Scholar also offers “Choose Your Pace” travel tours for senior citizens that allow participants to adjust their level of challenge on a daily basis. And we also have skip-gen vacations, also known as gramping, a growing travel trend of grandparents and grandkids traveling together without the children’s parents.

The following are some samples of our best tours for senior citizens, specially curated slower-paced programs that are perfect for the over 50 crowd. 

Adventures for Art Lovers

Road Scholar has many curated, art-inspired educational travel programs that are perfect guided tours for senior citizens interested in music, painting, photography, theater, and filmmaking. 

Delve into musical history, music participation and music appreciation on learning adventures that are sure to hit a high note. Join fellow art and crafters for a hands-on experience to hone your skills or practice a new hobby. Learn new photography techniques from the experts on learning adventures in scenic locations. Peek behind the curtain as you learn from acclaimed theater critics, directors and performers. Attend film screenings and behind-the-scenes discussions with filmmakers, producers, and actors on learning adventures to North America’s best film festivals.

Watercolor Workshop in the Poconos

There is a thriving arts community along the banks of the Delaware River at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This spot in nature is perfect to be guided by professional instructors on watercolor mastery. 

In this six-day art adventure that is considered one of the best tours for senior citizens, you will study the principles of watercolor painting through the interaction of water, color, paper and brush. This Road Scholar Retreat includes opportunities for early morning exercise, interaction with the local community, and farm-to-table locally sourced meals.

Best of London Theater

Take an ocean voyage on the Queen Mary 2 from New York City to London. On this theater-themed voyage, travelers will be treated to lectures, performances, and history. This slow-paced boat expedition will have you enjoying the theater in a way you have never done before. Over the course of 13 days, we’ll discuss the origins of theatre, Elizabethan plays and playhouses, and how to direct a play. We’ll also study contemporary British theatre, the life and verse of Shakespeare.

Oregon Film Festival 

Plucked right out of the Great American Songbook comes the music of Eugene, Oregon. Join Road Scholars for a spectacular music festival, the Oregon Festival of American Music, with music performances and educational events dedicated to the traditional music of America. Meet guest artists and faculty members at the Shedd Music School who offer insight into performances and a variety of musical topics. This seven-day trip will have you singing for joy as you have a music experience unlike any other. 

Slow-Paced Adventures

Experience the hustle and bustle of city life at a more leisurely pace as you fulfill your love of learning in cities around the world, from Philadelphia and New York to Québec City and Paris. These slow-paced adventures are perfect travel tours for senior citizens as you stroll through the best museums in the world, marvel at monuments, and explore nature at its finest. 

These programs are designed for those who prefer less walking, more transportation and a perfect blend of learning and adventure! Experience many of our most popular adventures with the same educational energy, but at a more leisurely pace. 

Explore Paris 

Take Paris at a slower pace and with a small, intimate group that will join local experts to learn about the museums, art, architecture and renowned cuisine that make this city so special. Marvel at the spires of Notre Dame and stare into the eyes of Mona Lisa at the Louvre; on this nine-day trip, travelers will discover the cultural treasures of Paris at a leisurely pace.

The Best of the Big Apple

Explore the plentiful art, architecture, and history of New York on this six-day journey with the local experts, all done at a slower pace. Walk the city at your own pace, following the footsteps of migrants at Liberty and Ellis Islands, and learning their stories at the Immigration Museum. Visit Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and fashionable Fifth Avenue. Dine in style and savor the international tastes of New York. 

Ireland: From Galway to Dublin

This trip to Ireland is designed at a slower pace and stands as one of our favorite international tours for senior citizens. On this 11-day journey through the countryside and culture, experience Ireland’s cities, villages, farms and nature. Enjoy a relaxed pace to explore the Cliffs of Moher, Galway, Bunratty Castle and more.

Experience Travel with Road Scholar

Whether you are thinking of joining us on your first Road Scholar learning adventure or you are an old pro, we have many incredible travel experiences on the menu. At Road Scholar, we offer a wide range of educational trips and international tours for senior citizens throughout the world. 

Enroll and learn more about travel tips and tours at Road Scholar today.