T’is the Season to GIVE!

Author: AB Staff

T’is the Season to GIVE!


One of the fundamentals of leading a fulfilling life comes from leading a purposeful lifestyle. That includes +helping others who are in need by donating time and/or money and contributing to those less fortunate than us so they lead their own fulfilling lives. As we enter the season of thankfulness and kindness, we hope you will consider the gift of giving.

One option to consider is MindsMatter.org. It “connects driven and determined students from low-income families with the people, preparation and possibilities to succeed in college, create their future, and change the world.” With the help of donations, Minds Matter allows students to lead purpose-driven lives by helping young adults with career readiness. Visit the site to learn more about their good work and how you can help under-privileged students prepare for a better future.

Remember, this is a great time to make a difference in the world by contributing to non-profits who are providing invaluable services so young people can lead long fulfilling lives.

Age Brilliantly Charities will be featuring other worthy organizations in the future, so we can all make a bigger difference in helping unleash people’s potential and enable everyone to lead a long fulfilling life (to 100+). Share with us some of your favorites!