Things to Consider & Places to Visit on a Solo Trip to Florida

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Things to Consider & Places to Visit on a Solo Trip to Florida


Florida is the land of warm weather, crystal clear ocean water, and history that dates back to the first American settlements. In Florida, you can find outdoor adventures from snorkeling to fishing, shopping and architectural tours, or just sit back on the beach and enjoy some of the key lime pie that Florida is known for.  

Florida is one of the best places for solo travel, with its endless sunshine perfect for exploring national parks, pristine beaches, and good southern dining. At Road Scholar, we know how fulfilling solo travel trips can be, which is why we create our educational travel programs to ensure you get the freedom you need while having the safety of a group. 

A couple of questions people ask are where to vacation alone in Florida and things to do alone in Florida. 

Things To Consider When Traveling to Florida

Compared to other travel destinations around the world, Florida is relatively safe for men and women. Over the past few years, more and more travelers are going solo to Florida to experience its awe-inspiring beauty. In fact, Google Trends ranks Florida as the #4 travel destination search for solo female travelers.

Solo Travel Tips for Florida:

  • Stay in tune with your surroundings and follow your instincts. 
  • Build a support team before you go by giving friends and family your itinerary and letting them know when they should expect to hear from you. 
  • Never keep all your money and important documents on you. Use the hotel safe and leave a copy of your documents with someone you trust. 
  • One of the advantages of solo travelers is the ability to pack light. Since you are traveling to Florida, be sure to bring good sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a tiny first aid kit, bathing suits, and face cream.

Best Places In Florida For Solo Travel

At Road Scholar, we have gathered a collection of best places in Florida for solo travel, outlining areas and cities that work well for those traveling alone. 

The Florida Keys

Visit the laid-back Key West and then travel to Dry Tortugas National Park for a magical underwater playground. Snorkel through the colorful reefs, or drive to Key Largo, Islamorada, or Big Pine Key. If you love shopping, take a day trip to Bahama Village, a 12-block area with its colorful buildings, great restaurants, and lots of shopping! Check out Ernest Hemingway’s House and the Key West Lighthouse. These are all wonderful things in Florida to do alone. 

Road Scholar offers trips to the Florida Keys with a master naturalist to visit protected islands, explore coral reefs, taste local cuisine, and learn about famous shipwrecks. This 7-day trip, Keys, Everglades, and Dry Tortugas, will delve into 10,000 years of history while you trek through Florida’s famous national parks. 

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg offers solo travelers the perfect mix of indoor and outdoor activities to relax and sightsee. Take a walk through the tranquil Sunken Gardens and Florida Botanical Gardens and tour of the vibrant mural displays found in the Central Arts District in the downtown area. Art, culture, and relaxation are on the menu for the solo traveler in St. Petersburg. 

Want a closer look into the beautiful city of St. Petersburg? Road Scholar offers travelers a tour that takes you from the Salvador Dalí Museum to historic architecture and the beautiful Sunken Gardens. This 6-day tour of St. Petersburg shows visitors world-class museums and a bustling cultural scene. 

Amelia Island 

Amelia Island and nearby Cumberland Island are home to Florida’s most beautiful beach areas. These tranquil islands of Spanish moss and white sand beaches are perfect for travelers who want time to themselves. On Amelia Island, meander through charming store-lined streets, take a guided horseback ride on the shoreline, and kayak the splendid seas.  

Join Road Scholar on a 6-day trip to Cumberland and Amelia Islands where travelers get a rare two-night overnight stay on remote Cumberland Island. Explore Florida’s historic Amelia Island in the Victorian seaport village of Fernandina Beach and board a ferry to secluded Cumberland Island, Georgia, a National Seashore restricted to very few visitors each day. 

Sanibel Island

Perfect for solo travelers who want to relax on some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches and shop in charming small towns. There are no chain stores or stop lights in this small town — only peaceful island bliss. Sanibel Island is known as the shelling capital of the world, so take home a free memento from your visit to Florida, courtesy of mother nature. 

Travelers will join Road Scholar on a trip of cultural and ecological importance as they explore beautiful Sanibel Island. Check out the island’s museums, photograph its diverse wildlife, beachcomb the sand to discover more than 400 species of shells, and discover the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the US.

St. Augustine

America’s oldest city, St. Augustine is a vibrant destination for visitors who appreciate history. Solo travelers will appreciate strolling through the city checking out historical landmarks by way of 450-year-old cobblestone streets. 

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city by climbing to the top of St. Augustine Lighthouse. Relax somewhere along the 43 miles of pristine beaches. Above all, enjoy the architecture and history that St. Augustine offers visitors. 

Road Scholar has curated a 6-day exploration of St. Augustine with experts and learn the history of the oldest city through its architecture, monuments, and Gilded Age works.

Solo Trips to Florida with Road Scholar

Road Scholar aims to provide immersive, educational and memorial adventure travel for solo travelers. Through our adventures, you’ll be able to explore with solos, couples, and groups, and return with lifelong memories. 

Below you’ll find our favorite adventures for solo travelers. Looking for more info? Check out our Solo Travel Resources or our Practical Information for Solo Travelers pages.

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