The Safe Haven For LGBTQ+ Seniors Citizens

Author: AB Staff

The Safe Haven For LGBTQ+ Seniors Citizens

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Choosing a place to spend the golden years is a significant life choice for each elderly citizen. It is a common difficulty for all seniors to find affordable options. It’s also crucial for LGBTQ+ older folks to have a safe space where they can be themselves without fear of judgment or harassment.

The Need For LGBTQ+ Homes: Kimberly Acquaviva, a nursing professor at George Washington University, notes that many people who have come out for a while have no intention of going back into the closet. Instead, they’re looking for a community that accepts them for who they are.

The AARP surveyed 85,000 elderly LGBTQ people. The results show that a third or more of the bisexual, gay, and lesbian respondents feel pressure to conceal their identities to get suitable housing. Gender-expansive and transgender people were more likely to think this way.

Sydney Kopp-Richardson, director of SAGE’s national LGBT elder housing campaign, expresses her discontent with the country’s lack of LGBT-specific senior housing. According to her, there is very little LGBT-specific senior housing around the country, exceptionally affordable housing. SAGE is a group that helps LGBT seniors in need of advocacy and other services.

More LGBTQ+ Homes Are Showing Up: Here’s some good news, the number of homes specifically designed to meet the needs of older adults is growing. According to Forbes, by 2021, at least 1,100 low-cost housing units will be accessible in the United States for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The number of localities providing LGBT-affirming resources will continue to expand.

Everyone deserves equal access to health and happiness by choosing the best senior living option. Thankfully, LGBT-affirming old home alternatives are becoming more prevalent as the population ages.

SAGE, Working For The Right To Live: SAGE was established in 1978 to resolve all issues LGBTQ senior citizens may face through three channels: services for seniors, education for careers, and advocacy for legislation. Now, the group has expanded to employ more than a hundred people and spends $15 million annually. Even so, Michael Adams, the Chief Executor of SAGE, emphasizes their original goal.

Their goal to hoist up, honor, and celebrate the elderly pioneers of the LGBTQ Community remains unchanged. Stonewall House, which opened in December 2019, and Crotona Senior Residences, which opened in March 2018 in the Bronx, are examples of the organization’s commitment to providing low-cost housing in recent years.

According to Mr. Adams, both residences have about a third of their flats designated for formerly homeless seniors who must pass a screening process and fulfill specific income standards. He expresses how permanent housing was necessary as many Americans are almost at the edge and could use a little help. The permanent structure helps people move closer to the safe side of the line.

Additionally, at both locations, SAGE has established senior community centers. Anyone over 60 is welcome to drop in for a meal, join the book club, or learn dancing. Overall, they strive to create a place for you where you can feel welcome to live your days being you!

No doubt, SAGE strives to create the perfect haven for you and your loved ones. They carry out their goal to help you live your golden days in the best senior living community regardless of your sexual or gender orientation. Curious to know more? Join us on our forums. If you want to become a member and join our movement, register here now!