Intergenerational Connections

The Power of Intergenerational Connections

Author: judyjudy

The Power of Intergenerational Connections


In a world increasingly characterized by generational divides, the importance of fostering connections between different age groups cannot be overstated. Researchers and advocates alike emphasize the significance of intergenerational interaction, emphasizing that a society in which members of different generations do not engage with one another risks detrimental consequences. As we strive to build a more inclusive and compassionate society, embracing intergenerational connections is essential.

Donna Butts, the executive director of Generations United, a leading organization dedicated to promoting intergenerational programs, underscores the value of initiatives that bring together individuals from different age groups. These programs come in various forms, from toddlers in day care centers interacting with nursing home residents to older adults and elementary school children collaborating on community projects like gardening. Such interactions not only foster understanding and empathy but also create opportunities for shared learning and growth.

While the benefits of intergenerational programs are clear, accessing resources and opportunities to participate in these initiatives can sometimes be challenging.
Fortunately, there are numerous websites and resources available to individuals and organizations interested in promoting intergenerational connections:

  • Generations United: Generations United is a leading advocate for intergenerational programs and initiatives. Their website offers resources, research, and toolkits to support organizations and communities in developing intergenerational programs. Explore Generations United
  • is dedicated to promoting intergenerational collaboration and social innovation. Their website features articles, stories, and resources highlighting the power of intergenerational connections to drive positive change in communities. Visit
  • Intergenerational Center: The Intergenerational Center at Temple University provides research, training, and resources to support intergenerational programming. Their website offers publications, toolkits, and information on best practices for fostering intergenerational connections. Explore the Intergenerational Center
  • Bridge Meadows: Bridge Meadows is an intergenerational community that brings together foster families, adoptive families, and older adults to create supportive and nurturing environments for children and families. Their website offers insights into their innovative model and how it benefits individuals of all ages. Learn about Bridge Meadows
  • Encounters: Encounters is a platform that facilitates intergenerational conversations and connections through storytelling and shared experiences. Their website offers resources and tools for organizing intergenerational events and activities in communities. Explore Encounters
  • Mentor Up: Mentor Up, a program of AARP Foundation, connects older adults with opportunities to mentor and support younger generations. Their website provides information on volunteering opportunities, resources for mentors, and stories of intergenerational impact. Learn about Mentor Up
  • Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly: Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly is dedicated to relieving isolation and loneliness among older adults through intergenerational friendships and community support. Their website offers information on volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved. Visit Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly
  • The Legacy Project: The Legacy Project aims to foster intergenerational understanding and communication by collecting and sharing the wisdom and life lessons of older adults. Their website features stories, interviews, and resources for promoting dialogue between generations. Explore The Legacy Project
  • The Intergenerational Schools: The Intergenerational Schools are K-8 charter schools that bring together students, teachers, and older adults in shared learning environments. Their website offers insights into their educational model and the benefits of intergenerational learning. Learn about The Intergenerational Schools
  • StoryCorps: StoryCorps is an organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of people from all walks of life. Their website offers resources and tools for conducting intergenerational interviews and recording personal histories. Explore StoryCorps

As we strive to foster greater understanding, empathy, and connection across generations, these resources offer valuable guidance and support. By embracing intergenerational connections, we can build stronger communities and create a brighter future for all. How have you been involved in intergenerational programs or initiatives? Join the discussion in our forum and share your experiences and insights. Together, let’s continue to bridge the gap and foster meaningful connections between generations.

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