Thailand: A Perfect Place to Volunteer for Older Adults

Author: AB Staff

Thailand: A Perfect Place to Volunteer for Older Adults

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Thailand has always been a popular destination, not just for travel but for volunteering as well. However, as an older adult, Thailand can also seem a bit daunting. If you’ve always been passionate about going and being more than just a tourist when experiencing the country, the Globe Aware Thailand Hill Tribes’ program is a slow paced, one-week long volunteer vacation perfect for you.

Tourists have been flocking to the beautiful hills of Chiang Mai for decades. Lying a couple of hours north and east of the city center, in the foothills of Myanmar, beyond where most tourists and visitors ever go, Hill Tribe people vulnerable to myriad exploitations live full of heart and hope.

Globe Aware works with local and international organizations to support community health, education, sexuality and relationship education. Many of these children come from impoverished Hill Tribe communities. It is rare for Hill Tribe people to attend school, and even rarer for them to continue at secondary school. Education is vital and every child in our care goes to school every day. We ensure that these young people have access to education at the local school and that they have a safe place to stay, with access to food and healthcare.

What you can provide these kids:

  1. Promote and educate communities about basic human rights to ensure equitable access to resources from government and private organizations.
  2. Strengthen families and communities to share knowledge and promote unity in their communities, through self-help groups.
  3. Engage community members in educating their youth; saving for their future; livelihood development; caring for the environment; and cultural preservation.

Attending school provides them with the opportunity to move from being stateless to having an official identity in Thailand. This will then enable the young people to gain an education and to have the chance to gain legitimate, fulfilling job opportunities rather than a horrific life in the drug trade or sex industry.

Be a strong, positive influence in the lives of these children and come to Thailand.

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