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“Stop The Slip” Sheds Light on Fall Prevention

Author: AB Staff

“Stop The Slip” Sheds Light on Fall Prevention


CHICAGO, IL September 18, 2017 – Everyone has fallen or knows someone who has. We even probably know someone who has suffered an injury from a fall. That one time grandma fell in the bathroom breaking her hip or a friend who slipped on an icy patch and broke their wrist. These accidents happen frequently and cost our economy over $150 billion a year in medical costs and lost wages. Yet fall injuries don’t receive widespread attention. Author Thom Disch wants to change that and is starting a conversation about this silent health crisis, and the Nonfiction Authors Association took notice awarding his book Stop the Slip a silver seal for his in-depth research and prevention methods.

Falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits in the U.S., with over 9 million injuries in 2014. Fall accidents have grown at an epidemic rate increasing by 150% over the last 10 years. These accidents have become a public health emergency and are usually seen as random acts that we cannot predict. Thom disagrees with this presumption. “Falls don’t just happen. They’re preceded by a series of events. When you control those preceding events, you reduce the risk of a slip, trip, or fall injury.”

In his book, Thom Disch combines personal, real-life stories with an in-depth look at this problem. Following the simple five-step A-L-E-R-T System™ will reduce your risk of falling.

A leading expert and speaker on slip, trip, and fall injuries in the United States, Thom has been compiling statistics and stories related to this healthcare crisis for ten years. He is a serial entrepreneur and owns several companies and nationally known brands, including Handi-Ramp (Handiramp.com), PetSTEP International (Petstep.com), and Industrial Toolz, Inc. (Industrialtoolz.com). Thom holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oakland University and a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University. Award Winning Book Stop The Slip Sheds Light on Fall Prevention – Stop the Slip. Author Thom Disch was awarded silver seal from the Nonfiction Authors Association.

Stop the Slip is available now on Amazon Kindle, paperback and hardcover. Visit www.stoptheslip.com for more information on how to prevent slips and falls. Thom can be contacted at Thom@stoptheslip.com direct: (847)247-2350 Twitter: @thomdisch @stoptheslip Facebook: www.facebook.com/stoptheslip or Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/stoptheslip

There is undeniable proof that falls are preventable. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn how you can reduce the risk of a fall injury.