Stay Social Connected with Virtual Activities

Author: AB Staff

Stay Social Connected with Virtual Activities


Everyone knows that the coronavirus crisis has had an incredible impact on the ability of people to meet and socialize in person. This has had a profound impact on the Stitch Community.

One of the most-loved aspects of Stitch is how it brings together members for in-person events and activities that happen in our local communities every week. In most cities around the world right now, that sort of socializing is either severely restricted, or else forbidden altogether.

To our delight, however, restrictions on physical distancing haven’t curtailed the enthusiasm of the Stitch Community!

Over the last several weeks, Stitch members have been hosting virtual/online events to help keep their local communities connected, entertained, and yes … sane.

Below you’ll find some of the inspiring and fun activities & events that our members have been hosting. We hope they inspire you to join one or even suggest one of your own.

Social events & activities

Members all around the world have not let isolation put a damper on their ability to host events and interact with fellow Stitch companions, converting their in-person activities to online ones. 

We now see everything from weekly check-ins, Friday night drinks, quizzes and trivia!

Below are some of our members in Phoenix, Arizona enjoying Happy Hour together, along with Stitch’s founder Andrew Dowling.

Image courtesy of Andrew Dowling

Community Champion Jan from Sydney has been hosting a weekly virtual get together, Friday Nights – not at the pub.

See image below of the community enjoying a chat. The “C-word” is prohibited during these conversations!

Image courtesy of Stitch member Jan

Staying active together

Stitch members are even posting activities that are helping their local communities stay fit and active while in isolation. There’s everything from Tai Chi, Pilates, Zumba and Disco Funk classes! 

Community Champion Vivian from NYC is sharing her knowledge and expertise of Pilates by offering free beginner Pilates classes for Stitch members. See below image of her latest Pilates class. 

Image courtesy of Stitch member Vivian

Sharing knowledge and expertise

So many Stitch members are now dedicating their extra free time to hosting events where they can share their knowledge on a particular subject, giving their fellow Stitch members the opportunity to learn a new skill or craft while in isolation. 

  • Paul from Sydney is dedicating his time to answering all our tech related questions
  • Vivian from New York is guiding us through beginners Pilates
  • Michele from California is offering advice on how to maintain our relationships during these uncertain times
  • Kevin from Arizona is offering introductory guitar lessons
  • Cheryl from California has recently hosted a video on how to make the perfect wonton soup

Be sure to visit the Activities section on Stitch and browse all the upcoming virtual events in your area.

If you don’t see an activity or event that interests you, suggest your own! Learn how to post a virtual event here.