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Be Safe On Senior Dating Sites

Author: AB Staff

Be Safe On Senior Dating Sites

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When you are looking to get into the online dating scene as senior it’s good to know that some people you will come across will try to rip you off.  According to ScamWatch, there are million dollars lost for online dating scam in every single year. And many of romance scams now target for senior singles. Due to this, one of the most important things you should do is be cautious of your safety. To increase your chances of being safe on the dating sites you need to do a number of things that include:

Join the right dating site

You should join a site that is keen on your safety. Before you join any site, take your time to research the site and ensure that it’s popular and has plenty of positive reviews. A reputable site is more likely to have all the necessary security features in place. For example, the site will have features such as SSL encryption and email verification features. This reduces your chances of falling into the wrong hands.

It’s common for certain sites to pay people to make positive reviews about them; therefore, you shouldn’t believe anything you read. If you aren’t sure whether the given senior dating sites is reputable, ask a friend to help you out or do some searches on google.

Before you settle on a given site, take a look at the features that allow you to block abusive or disrespectful people. The site should also allow you to report any person that is bothering you. To protect your information, the site you join should give you the option to show the information that you want. It also should allow you to hide your profile from certain members.

A good site should have plenty of useful information that helps you to stay safe. The site should have a safety page or FAQ section that answers all the questions you might be having.

Be cautious of what you share

Another way of ensuring online dating safety is being cautious of the information you share. It’s good to keep your profile complete with all the relevant information but you shouldn’t over share. This means that you shouldn’t share your personal information. You shouldn’t share your phone number, home address, or any other information that makes it easy for other people to track you.

When interacting with potential partners, you should be wary of the direction of the conversation. Unless you have established that a person is genuine, you shouldn’t share your phone number or email address. In the event you meet people asking for your personal information so that you can speak to you off -site, you should block or report them as they are most likely looking to rip you off.

Never Send Out Money

Nearly all dating scam aim for money. It is a big red flag if a person you know online starts to make  a story of lacking money. Just stay away from contacting and never ever send out money to the person you haven’t even met.

Meet at a public place

After you have met an interesting person and exchanged phone numbers or email addresses, you should agree on the best place to meet for your first date. To be safe, you should meet at a public place. This can be in a restaurant, shopping mall, or any other place frequented by many people. As rule of thumb, you should never meet at a private area with a stranger.

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