How to Find Fulfilling Part Time Jobs

Author: AB Staff

How to Find Fulfilling Part Time Jobs

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Are you recently, or soon-to-be retired, and looking for a fulfilling way to spend your time while supplementing your income? You’re not alone. Many mature adults are looking for enjoyable part-time gigs for their third stage of life.

In concluding a long-term career and transitioning into something less substantial, retirees do have to make some sacrifices. Managers aren’t part time, so it’s likely you’ll have to take a junior position with lower pay. But with children out of college and homes paid for, older workers often have fewer financial obligations. This opens up a world of opportunity for finding a job tailored to your interests. Take Michael, whose previous experience had priced him out of most job opportunities. He turned to his earlier background as an artist, dumbed down his resume and called himself a high school graduate, and landed a job in a Phoenix frame shop. He’s earning less than he once did, but made himself valuable by volunteering to work any shift, and he’ll soon be a manager.

Dave Harrison and his wife, Marianne, have great advice for anyone looking for fulfilling part time work. They sought work after retiring in their 50s and moving to Florida. They networked in their community, asked everyone they met for advice, applied for full-time positions, and offered to work part-time to help prospective employers save money. Eventually, Marianne got a job as an aide in an academic office, and Dave as an assistant in the office of a youth sports organization. Then they proved themselves indispensable. In less than a year, Marianne was managing logistics for a graduate MBA program while her husband became executive director of a 1,200-player program.

Dave Harrison recommends a few strategies for older workers who are looking for work:

  • Examine all potential job opportunities, full-time and part-time.
  • Accept less-than-desirable assignments.
  • Give an employer more than expected.
  • Give an employer enough time to appreciate your contributions before asking for more compensation

Here are some top part time jobs that are popular for older adults:

  1. Inside sales/telemarketing
  2. Call center & help desk
  3. Customer service
  4. Cashiers
  5. Retail sales clerks (during the holidays)
  6. Fast food & restaurant help
  7. Hotel/hospitality jobs like front desk & concierge
  8. Bookkeepers
  9. Tutors
  10. School bus drivers
  11. Drivers/shuttle drivers (airports, car dealers, etc.)
  12. Drivers (local delivery)
  13. Guards/security
  14. Tour leader (guides, walking tours, bus trips)
  15. Greeters (restaurants and retailers)
  16. Handy persons
  17. Executives & managers (project assignments)
  18. Consultants (project assignments)
  19. Pharmacists (nights and weekends)
  20. Nurses & health care professionals
  21. Accountants (particularly at tax season)
  22. Chemists
  23. Researchers
  24. Translator/interpreters
  25. Editors

This is invaluable advice for anyone looking to start a retirement career. Search for an organization that inspires you, and get involved in any way you can. Take a job below your pay grade and capabilities, and then prove yourself invaluable from inside the organization. In doing so, you’ll be able to get involved with something you enjoy during your retirement years, and find success there while supplementing your savings and staying engaged.

Have you used this strategy to find part-time work in retirement? How did you go about landing the job? How did you work your way up the ranks? Share below!