Sabbaticals vs. GROWTHH Time

Author: AB Staff

Sabbaticals vs. GROWTHH Time

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Historically, there are two-time occasions when people take time off from one’s regular work-life routine, and they are different. Today’s “Great Resignation” – the phrase describing the millions of people who are leaving their current work jobs,  it might be helpful to understand the difference.

Sabbaticals, as Lisa Angowski  Rogak defines it in Time off From Work, is a well-deserved break from the ordinary working grind.  There are different kinds – usually involving a paid, unpaid or social service leave from one’s work. In all cases, the expectation is that you will return, and most people do. The goal is to expand your horizons, experience more independence, and pursue other sides of yourself.

Related to sabbaticals are “Gap” months, years, etc. where a break is taken in the routine. Often students graduating from one school or people completing military service take such time to enrich their experiences.

When you’ve reached a position where you need to reconsider your purpose and maybe change your lifestyle, careers, relationships, etc. you need to be dedicated to GROWTHH time. Here you put a full stop on what you’re doing and spend time with Goal Re-Orientation with Time for Health and Happiness.  Countless people, ranging from Henry David Thoreau to Bill Gates, have invested weeks and months away from their normal lifestyle to re-think their life, work, relationships, purpose, and life direction.

For many of the people participating in the Great Resignation, the goal is GROWTHH time. They are freeing themselves from the confines of their prior lifestyle to find a better way. If this is you, make sure you have the right “Sherpas” – guides to help you take the deep dive into yourself, and explore the many alternatives that you can pursue. For help, you may want to speak to one of the Mentor/coaches of FLM – Full-Life Mentoring™, an Age Brilliantly’s partner. For more information, contact