Road Scholar’s Top 5 Tips for Sustainable Travel

Author: judyjudy

Road Scholar’s Top 5 Tips for Sustainable Travel


Sustainable travel is more important than ever, but incorporating sustainability into your travel plans isn’t always as simple as you might like. Following eco-friendly practices and taking care of our global classroom is a priority at Road Scholar, and if you would like to make your next travels more sustainable, we have five tips for you!

  1. Use reusable travel supplies

Investing in items like reusable water bottles, sturdy luggage, cloth tote bags and travel-friendly straws and silverware is a great way to cut down on single-use plastic, while also ensuring that you always have the supplies you need available. In some locations, drinking water or plastic shopping bags aren’t always offered, so you can cut down on stress by bringing your own. This also means that fewer items are going in the trash — it’s a win-win for you and the planet!

  1. Take care of your classroom

On learning adventures to National Parks and other outdoor environments, it’s especially important to preserve natural beauty. This can be done by packing out your garbage, staying on the trails and even leaving an area better than you found it by picking up stray pieces of trash. Not only will you be contributing to the beauty of the mountains, rivers and beaches that you’re learning about, but you’ll also be preserving the habitats of the animals and plants that will be there long after you depart for home.

  1. Seek out sustainable travel options and destinations

You can exercise a great deal of influence over sustainability practices through the travel options you select. For instance, traveling to less-crowded destinations can result in less impact on the environment and on local communities. One example of this is the “I Borghi piu belli d`Italia”, or the Most Beautiful Borghi of Italy. This association highlights smaller Italian villages with historic buildings, environmental quality and integrity of the urban landscape. These villages offer a great alternative to the often bustling tourist destinations across Italy.

  1. Try vegetarian or vegan food

Mass meat production can result in high carbon emissions, and eating plant-based meals even a few times a week can be a good way to cut back on some of those emissions. It can also give you a great excuse to try something new while exploring the world! Experiment with a new vegetarian or vegan dish the next time you travel, and if you enjoy it, consider bringing the recipe back home with you.

  1. Spread the word

Letting others know about sustainable travel practices is an easy way to make a difference. Whether it’s through conversations on the road, comments on social media or through discussions with friends, mentioning the eco-friendly steps that you’re taking can be a great way to influence change in other people. This is also true for great experiences with travel companies — leaving a review if you had a positive experience can drive other sustainably-minded travelers to those organizations as well.