Return to Work with Returnships

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Return to Work with Returnships

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Re-entry internships, or returnships, are designed for experienced professionals who’ve taken time away from their careers but are looking to start working again. Returnships help employers find experienced candidates, and give employees the opportunity to learn new skills, polish old ones, and get back into a career.

Like a regular internship, returnships are usually entry-level positions with room for growth. In fact, most companies that do returnships often off their returnees permanent positions if it’s a good fit on both sides. Whether you took time off work to raise a family, go on an extended trip, or just needed a break, a returnship is a great way to ease back into the working world.

How do you go about finding a returnship? Like most other jobs, you go on a hunt. Use this list of tools and resources to get you started on finding your returnship.

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a networking site for business professionals to connect, share resources, and even find new jobs. LinkedIn allows you to create a profile with your resume and a bit about yourself to make it easier for potential employers or business relationships to find you. LinkedIn also has a long list of returnship opportunities. They list returnships in almost every field from engineering and software development to financial consultants and store product managers. Make a profile, and then check out their returnship page.
  • GlassDoor – Glassdoor started out as a website where people could anonymously review former employers and employees to help those on the job hunt have as much information as possible. While they still offer these review services, Glassdoor has branched out to include job listings. They have hundreds of returnship listings every day. Visit their returnship page to apply and learn more about the businesses.
  • iRelaunch – iRelaunch is a website dedicated solely to returnships and career relaunching programs. In addition to a comprehensive list of corporate returnship programs, they also have resources about re-entering the work force from advice and networking to conferences and more. iRelaunch only offers paid returnships, which is a big draw for most people.
  • Path Forward – Similar to iRelaunch, Path Forward is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people restart their careers. They work with companies to help create returnships. Some of the companies they’ve set up programs for include Apple, Verizon, PayPal and many more. 80% of the people who enter one of their returnship programs end up getting hired by the company. Visit their participant page to find a returnship near you.

Just because you took time off from work doesn’t mean you can’t go back. Now is the time more than ever with such helpful and comprehensive returnship programs from resources like the ones above. Your returnship is just the beginning.

Here is a link for returnship positions on LinkedIn:

Do you have experience re-entering the work force after time off? Comment below with your story to help others.

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