Purpose is Even More Important for All of Us

Author: Jerry Cahn

Purpose is Even More Important for All of Us


Purpose is an essential component of a fulfilling life. A recent study reports that it’s even more important today for retirees.

The “Four Pillars of the New Retirement”, an Edward Jones and Age Wave study published in June 2021 reports that:

·   92% of retirees agree that purpose is key to a successful retirement

·   63% give themselves a grade of A or B on “spending time in purposeful ways”

·   69% of retirees vs. 55% of all other Americans surveyed say that having a sense of purpose in life is important to achieving optimal well-being. Retirees report higher levels of contentment and happiness as they feel “greater freedom from responsibilities and stressors and freedom to pursue their own interests and purpose.:

Many retirees report that they derive their sense of purpose from family and friends. Significantly, 86% of all adults including retirees say that there” should be more ways for retirees to put their talents and knowledge for the benefit of their communities and society.  Focusing on volunteering as a measure, and they found that retirees would ideally like to volunteer 3.3 hours per week – four times the rate over recent years. This suggests a wellspring of new energy available for non-profits.

However, that’s not the only way adults in their middle, later and senior stages of life can contribute. Age Brilliantly’s position is that adults gain experience and expertise over time, and they can share them (which is why we call them SharExers) in many ways. Companies seeking their expertise and experience, can guide new initiatives, serve on advisory panels, mentor younger people, etc. – and earn income while serving a purpose.  Another option is to become entrepreneurs, which lets them stay productive and create jobs for others. For instance, Age Brilliantly reported several years ago on Earl Futz who, at 92, turned his everlasting love for his late wife with whom he developed Charissa, a Moroccan spice, into a thriving business selling it in 600 stores including Yankee Stadium!

Purpose is one of the six essentials of a fulfilling life – and adults of all stages should dedicate time and energy to the causes they choose. Imagine all the good you can do for your causes and yourself throughout the 60-80 years of adult life. And you’ll serve as a role model to family, friends, and others. 

So regardless of whether you’re retired already or not – commit to purposes become yourself, make a difference in this world, and reap the benefits of knowing you’ve done so! And share your story with other Age Brilliantly members to inspire them, and create connections!