Prepare Your Meeting With Your Financial Advisor

Author: AB Staff

Prepare Your Meeting With Your Financial Advisor


Figuring out your finances can be tough, and that’s why you hired a financial advisor. However, a lot of people are almost as stressed about meeting with their advisor as they would be doing their finances on their own. This is understandable, as it can be intimidating to talk about complicated topics like finance.

If you’re nervous or stressed about an upcoming meeting with your financial advisor, or are worried about meeting with a new advisor for the first time, these tricks can help you feel more prepared.

  • Write Down Your Financial Goals – Think about when you want to retire, if you need to save for college funds, a home, or another big investment, whether or not you have loans, and other similar financial questions. Write your answers down to keep your thoughts organized and ready for your meeting. Then, use your answers to come up with a prioritized list of financial goals. Don’t know where to start with your goals? Try using a money management app like Mint for a few weeks to give you an idea of your financial situation.
  • List Questions – Make a list of questions for your advisor, and write them down. Don’t know where to start? Ask him questions like:
    • What is my financial situation?
    • How’s my time horizon?
    • Am I on track with my retirement savings?
    • Is my portfolio properly diversified?
  • Begin the Conversation at Home – If you’re going to your meeting with your partner or significant other, be sure to have a discussion with him or her beforehand. Some financial planners may be able to settle financial disagreements, but its much better if you come to an agreement before your meeting. Talk about what you think is working in your finances, and what you both think needs work. Websites like TalkSpace offer online counseling and mediation if these conversations are hard for you and your partner.
  • Organize Your Documents – Your financial advisor won’t be able to help you if he can’t decipher what’s going on in your finances. To do that, he will need some important documents that detail your specifics. Before your meeting, gather up the following:
    • Latest statements for all your accounts
    • Information about other investments or assets
    • Compensation details
    • Monthly expenses
    • Recent tax records
    • Estate planning information
  • Go Digital – These days it’s much easier to transfer information and documents digitally. Make it easer for your financial advisor and scan each of the above documents into your computer. Use a handy phone app like Tiny Scanner to make it easier. Once online, you can organize your documents on software like
  • Have Fun – Don’t forget to enjoy your meeting. Yes, finances are serious, but its also exciting to think about your future and plan for goals and rewards.

You don’t need to be stressed about meeting with your financial planner if you follow these steps.

Share your financial advisor meeting tips in the comment section, or post any more questions you may have. If you’re looking for more advice, check out some of our other articles.