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Are you an emerging adult, starting your first full-time job after graduating college? There’s a lot to think about, including a career path, what type of job to start, and what to do with your earnings.

Today longevity experts believe you have a good chance to live to 100+ (The 100 Year Life) and educators believe will have as many as 10 jobs. (See Becoming Brilliant).  One challenge is to maximize your potential to lead a fulfilling life throughout the journey by addressing the future status of life’s essentials (e.g., health, wealth, relationships, passion and purpose), especially financial freedom to enjoy life after you retire.

To preserve your life options, you need to take charge of financial issues such as budgeting, earning spending, saving and growing your capital for future use.  Merrill Lynch has an excellent report design to help you pursue financial success in these topics. “The Path to Financial Independence” shares invaluable insights on saving, spending, investing, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. It includes tools and exercises to help you:

  • Explore your values which affect financial decision-making
  • Guide you in drafting a budget
  • Help you avoid ways of wasting money
  • Teach you key investing concepts (e.g., compounding, different financial instruments, etc.)
  • Determine whether entrepreneurship is a match for your personality
  • Launch a lifetime commitment to philanthropy.

It includes an impressive list of resources to continue your financial education on issues of interest.

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