Personal Finance Apps for 50+

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Personal Finance Apps for 50+

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When you think of fintech, or financial technology, you probably think of younger millennials clicking away at laptops or hunched over smart phones. However, fintech shouldn’t be just for the kids. Older generations, specifically people aged 50 and above, face specific challenges that could be greatly helped with technology. Fintech can and should help the 50+ group enjoy a good, fulfilling life.

Luckily, there are two new fintech applications that are stepping up and filling the 50+ need.


Golden is a financial app that helps with money management for caregivers. Often referred to as a “family collaboration platform,” Golden is designed to help boomers take better financial care of their 50 million senior parents.

Evin Ollinger, Golden’s founder, explains that seniors have more than 50% of the wealth in the United States, but they also have the most commonly mismanaged funds. He saw a need, and he filled it with Golden.

Here’s how the app works. First, an adult child will have a phone call with a Golden representative to give a better explanation of the parent’s financial situation, troubles and needs. The representative then identifies two or three things that need to be fixed, and builds a plan to help fix those issues and meet goals.

Next, Golden begins monitoring the parent’s finances, and helps with things like paying bills, setting up calendar payments, eliminating unnecessary expenses, alerting potential fraud risks, and identifying possible government benefits. The app also helps by allowing the adult child to see the parent’s accounts for better transparency and communication.

Golden costs $20 a month, but is free for customers with an income of less than $23,395. Golden was awarded first place at the Aging Start Up Challenge, and won the AARP Financial Innovation Award.


SMRTSVR was created for independent workers with unpredictable incomes, like freelancers and economy workers, properly manage their taxes. Figuring out quarterly estimated taxes and annual tax return filing can be tough for anyone, but much more so for those who work part time after retirement.

SMRTSVR’s parent company Vaultz was founded to help solve real world savings problems with intelligent software and banking automation. Rick Gonzalez took inspiration from Vaults to create SMRTSVR when he saw people needed help organizing and paying their taxes.

Gonzalez designed SMRTSVR to be easy. First, you log into the bank account in which you get your employment payments to give SMRTSVR access to track your earnings, make projections and automatically remove money for taxes. Once April rolls around, you use the money SMRTSVR helped you put away to pay your federal and state taxes.

SMRTSVR is especially helpful for retirees that have a part-time or freelance job for extra cash, but it can also be crucial for self-employed people like Uber drivers, delivery workers and more. The app is still in beta testing, but is expected to cost $5 to $9 a month.

If you’re over the age of 50, how do you think these or similar apps will help you as you age? Tell us below.

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