Pandemic Era Relationships: The Struggles and Solutions

Author: AB Staff

Pandemic Era Relationships: The Struggles and Solutions


Many couples wish to spend more time with their partners believing it can strengthen their relationship. The idea has backfired for many who are living together during the coronavirus pandemic. The stress of working from home and living 24/7 with your partner has become more than what people had bargained for. So, you are probably looking for some real-life relationship advice for pandemic times

Like you, many people are going through the same crisis. However, research shows that many married couples have built stronger bonds during the pandemic. So, how do they manage that?

If you want to keep your relationship healthy, you should set some ground rules. Talk with your spouse/partner. You and your partner both might work from home, or only one of you does. 

Discuss how you two can adjust your working hours and then help each other do the household chores or take care of the children. Then make time to take a walk together or spend some quality time together. Also, prepare the dining table or cook a meal with your partner. 

Listen to each other’s expectations and try to fulfill those as much as you can. But if you feel pressured, let each other know. Do not expect them to understand your feelings on their own. You see, communication is the key to solving most of your problems or preventing any misunderstandings.  

This brings us to the next problem many couples have complaints about. Many people have got addicted to social media and spend hours on their mobile phones. They put off their daily works and rely too much on their partners to finish their work. 

On top of that, their partners feel neglected and mistreated. They may feel that they are in the same house, but not in the same space with you. 

If you really want to connect with your partner, stop checking your phone while they talk to you. You need to be really present for them. It does not mean only physical presence. It also means providing mental support to each other. 

Maybe you are taking the situation of the pandemic lightly, but it might not be the same for your partner. Being considerate about each other’s mental health is crucial for maintaining a relationship. Instead of talking about your problems, try to listen more to your partner. You will have time to discuss your troubles too. 

It is challenging to keep the spark alive when you spend 24/7 with your partner. At some point, people may find some traits of their couples unattractive or irritating. Things can get heated, and you may break into fierce arguments. 

In such situations, both of you need to remind each other how important the relationship is for you. You can ask your partner or spouse to calm down. Hold their hand or hug each other for 20 seconds. These small gestures of intimacy can bring both of you to your senses. 

Experts also believe that partners should complement and appreciate each other more often. They need to feel valued in a relationship. So, observe your partner and find something to compliment her or him. Thank them even for the smallest efforts. 

Keeping a little bit of distance is also important for relationships. As I have mentioned before, people cope with stress in different ways. You may prefer to discuss your problems with your partner to process them while your partner feels more relaxed in some alone time. 

Instead of accusing your partner of not connecting with you, give them the space they need. If you want some alone time, explain it to your partner. Reassure them that you love them, but sometimes you want to spend doing things alone. 

Spending some time apart makes the relationship less boring. It gives them the opportunity to work on their interests, process their thoughts, and take a break from responsibilities to each other. You will also find something new to talk about with your partner. 

Maintaining a healthy relationship during the pandemic becomes much easier if both of you respect each other’s thoughts and boundaries. You can keep the balance by helping do household chores, spending some quality time together, and giving space. 

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