One Life One Tree: Improving Everyone’s Quality of Life

Author: AB Staff

One Life One Tree: Improving Everyone’s Quality of Life

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One of the fundamentals of living a fulfilling life comes from leading a purposeful lifestyle. One of the many ways we can improve our community is by improving the state of our natural environment. As climate change and environmental deterioration takes over our world, we can’t help but take action and contribute by reducing our carbon footprint. One Life One Tree is taking the initiative to make it possible for ordinary people like me and you to take action on indirectly improving the state of mother nature. 

This company plants Sequoia trees in efforts to reduce the current carbon footprint. They plant a very specific breed of tree that is specifically grown to filter, supply, and regulate water from upper watersheds and meadows as well as capturing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere effectively. These Sequoia trees are one of the biggest conifers with sturdy structures that promote biodiversity and encourage habitat flourishment. 

As each person signs up to be a patron, one more tree gets planted, adding a step for everyone’s quality of life to be improved on this planet. As we all have our own callings in our lives, we all can share the motive to improve the world one way at a time for future generations.

“The average UK person’s lifetime CO2 footprint is 520 tonnes, the World’s largest Giant Sequoia has captured over 1400 tonnes… Our forestry project plants 3 native UK species trees for every Sequoia to promote biodiversity.” -One Life One Tree

Everyone of us can have the social responsibility of making our carbon emmissions regulated for the greater good of our planet’s health. We can contribute to bettering our atmosphere in many ways provided by programs and organizations everywhere.

Final note, Share with us information on other interesting ways to save our planet, so we can continue to share and inspire other members!   Let’s Age Brilliantly.