Norma Howard, 91, Wing Walks Across a Plane

Author: AB Staff

Norma Howard, 91, Wing Walks Across a Plane

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Norma Howard, 91, is raising money for a Dementia Charity by wing-walking. ”

In a Travel + Leisure article, “Howard is a retired physiotherapist and former pilot who is no stranger to death-defying stunts. At the age of 80, she swam the equivalent of the length of the English channel doing laps in a pool. Twice. Eight years ago, at the age of 83, she sat on the handlebars of an Indian motorcycle as it looped around the “Wall of Death.”

“It was cold up there and I had so many layers on me I looked like the Michelin Man,” she told ITV News. “The hardest bit was actually getting up onto the plane wrapped in so many clothes.”

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