New Year’s Resolution: Schedule Your Annual Physical Exam

Author: Jerry Cahn

New Year’s Resolution: Schedule Your Annual Physical Exam


At this time of year, we have an opportunity to do something good for you while doing something well for lots of people!

The Health Network Foundation is the only nonprofit to connect CEOs and business leaders with top hospitals and doctors to provide fast access to world-class care and increase philanthropic funding for medical research. They just issued a Guide on Annual Physicals that every executive – and every Age Brilliantly member – should follow. In the spirit of Age Brilliantly –they identify the needs of adults of all ages!

As a Chairman of local CEO Boards for Vistage Worldwide, the premier leader development firm which has served 100,000+ leaders during its 60+ years, I let the members of my CEO Advisory Boards know that the Health Network has saved the lives of several Vistage members and their family members. (See: and

The Health Network Foundation should be on your Charitable Donation list for the coming year. Also, if you belong to a sizable organization of industry leaders,  suggest they develop a strategic relationship with Health Network for the benefit of your members.