Navigating Your 100-Year Life: A Guide to Making Better Career Decisions

Author: AB Staff

Navigating Your 100-Year Life: A Guide to Making Better Career Decisions

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In today’s fast-paced world, people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before, resulting in a shift in our outlook on our careers. Gone are the days when we could expect to work for one company for our entire lives and then retire at 65. Instead, we need a dynamic approach to our careers that can adapt to the potential of living up to 100 years.

The concept of a 60-year career with one company is becoming outdated. A linear framework or climbing up a career ladder that we knew formerly is being replaced quickly. The up-and-coming workforce wants to see their career as an adventure where they get to explore various job opportunities. Experts call this contemporary career approach- The Squiggly Career

Especially for a fulfilling 100-year life, it is crucial to maximizing the most out of our careers. This approach also complies with the idea of Intentional Living, which involves generalizing what one wants to achieve in life. Intentional Living allows us to pursue our passions, fulfill our sense of purpose, and meet our income needs. So, it converges perfectly with the squiggly career approach.

The squiggly career approach can be perfect for exploring different job opportunities, learning new skills, and taking on new challenges. This can be crucial for long-term advantage for rapidly shifting industries and markets. It also provides the flexibility to pivot and pursue new passions and opportunities that may arise throughout the potential 100-year life.

It is important to note that the squiggly career is not as chaotic as squiggles. But it is not perfectly linear either. So, to navigate our 100-year life and make the best career decisions, here are some guidelines we can follow.

Embrace lifelong learning: The world is constantly changing, and keeping up with the latest developments in our fields is essential. This means taking courses, attending conferences, reading industry publications, and seeking out mentors who can help you grow and develop. By embracing lifelong learning, we can make the most of our careers for a fulfilling 100-year life.

Build a diverse set of skills: Instead of focusing on just one area of expertise, we must build a diverse set of skills that can be valuable across multiple industries. This can help us adapt to changing job markets and pursue new opportunities as they arise. Additionally, a diverse set of skills will help us make the best of every opportunity in the squiggly career.

Networking strategically: Building a strong professional network is essential for career success. However, it’s vital to network strategically by identifying people who can help us achieve our career goals. This might mean reaching out to people who work in the desired field or industry, attending industry events, or joining professional organizations.

Adaptability and flexibility: Finally, a dynamic career approach means being open to change and embracing new opportunities. Adaptability and flexibility might mean switching industries, taking on a new role, or pursuing a new passion. By staying flexible and open-minded, we can create a fulfilling and meaningful career over 60 years or more.

We can find fulfillment and success in our careers by embracing the idea of a Squiggly Career because this dynamic approach allows us to intentionally design a career path that aligns with our values, goals, and interests. This way, we can live a long and fulfilling life by making the best career decisions.

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