Mission/Purpose of Age Brilliantly

Our Vision

Our vision is an intergenerational community where members help one another take charge and lead intentional lives to 100+. We want it to be filled with positive health, financial security, caring relationships, passionate activities, purposeful impact and smart time management. 

Who we are

Age Brilliantly was formed to provide a community for adults of all ages – starting with emerging adults – who want to lead fulfilling, elongated lives for as long as possible.

Our mission is to enable adults to make effective decisions so they can lead fulfilling lives. 

Our strategy is to provide an interactional platform where adults at all life-stages can obtain information, inspiration, support, tools and resources to make those decisions. 

The online/offline platform allows individuals and organizations to connect with each other:

  • Peers who share experiences and insights
  • Industry experts who study longevity, life’s essentials and lifelong-learning to keep us up-to-date
  • Providers of services, tools and products to enable us to effectively plan and execute our choices for well-being and happiness. 

Why Age Brilliantly?

In the 21st century, adults who nourish life’s essentials (e.g., health, passion, purpose, relationships, etc.) can expect to live into their 80s, 90s, and 100+. Since many of us are influenced by last century’s beliefs and norms about aging (e.g., delaying planning until later, and tying “retirement” to a chronological age rather than capabilities and desires), we face a critical challenge: how to lead a fulfilling life throughout the journey.

AgeBrilliantly.org is your community. As Abraham Lincoln said, “it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.”  Membership is free: Join NOW!

Our Team

As with any interactional platform, you, the members are the team that counts.  Our process is interactive: staff, interns, adult members, industry partners, and research experts all sharing in the give-and-take.

Our founder, Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., has dedicated his career to helping people and organizations unleash their potential for success. He focuses on: feeding creativity and innovation for new ideas, reducing personal and organizational constraints, facilitating the building of strengths to achieve the goals, and using evaluation and learning for continuous improvement. See his LinkedIn profile.

 Learn more at from our recent Podcast: https://alivelongevitypodcast.com/e/lets-age-brilliantly/