Longevity Statistics: What They Don’t Mean for You

Author: AB Staff

Longevity Statistics: What They Don’t Mean for You

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You are you; you’re not a statistical average. When it comes to life expectancy, how many years you might life and how much you will enjoy your life, is to a great extent, determined by your actions. To

enjoy a fulfilling, elongated life, you can “age brilliantly” by taking charge of life’s essentials.

If you’ve been reading the recent statistics on the impact of COVID-19 on longevity (life expectancy) in the US, you know that on average the projections for Americans has dropped by an average of 12 months, with the loss larger among Black and Latino populations. (See National Academy of Sciences report.) It has dropped to about 79 years of age.

Indeed, if you’re already 50 years of age, the odds are you will live at least into your early 80s, If you’re 65, there is a good chance you’ll live into your mid-80s; and if you’re 85, you’re likely to live into your early 90s.  (Social Security Administration data). And, as we noted in a prior article, aging researchers now project that children born today will have a life expectancy of 100+

As you look around, you probably see lots of people in their 80s and 90s already. If you visit people in the Blue Zones, regions of the world where a higher than usual number of people living to 100+ (see Dan Buettner’s Blue Zones Happiness Lessons). Today, we’re fortunate to have an increasing number of role models who demonstrate our potential for longer life expectancies. Many adopt conducive lifestyles, take care of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, as well as have strong relationships, and act upon their life passions and purposes.  In other words, they “age brilliantly”.

Finally, as we talk about our potential, it’s important to note that Americans do not have the longest life expectancies in the world. In almost all western European countries, Australia, Canada, Chile and Iceland have a longer life expectancy than the United States. According to google, 25 countries have a longer average life expectancy than we do, with 18 having a life expectancy at least three years longer than the US.

So, while the Covid pandemic has reduced the average life expectancies of Americans today, by taking charge of your life essentials (health, wealth relationships, passion, purpose and time), you may enjoy a fulfilling life longer than the averages!  To gain the information, inspiration, tools, support and resources to help you do so, join our community: www.agebrilliantly.org.