Janice Bryant Howroyd: CEO and Trailblazer

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Janice Bryant Howroyd: CEO and Trailblazer


Janice Bryant Howroyd is a trailblazer in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Born in Tarboro, North Carolina, in 1951, Howroyd began her career as a math and science teacher before transitioning to the world of business. Today, she is the CEO and founder of The ActOne Group, a company that provides workforce solutions and staffing services to businesses around the globe.

At the age of 27, Howroyd founded The ActOne Group, which began as a one-woman operation in a small office in Torrance, California. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the largest and most successful diversified workforce solutions companies in the world. Under Howroyd’s leadership, The ActOne Group has provided employment opportunities to thousands of people and has helped businesses across a wide range of industries to find the talent they need to succeed.

In addition to her success as a business leader, Howroyd is a respected philanthropist and community leader. She is a founding member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), and has served on the board of directors of numerous organizations, including the National Urban League, the National Black MBA Association, and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

Howroyd is also a sought-after speaker and mentor, sharing her insights and experience with audiences around the world. She has been honored with numerous awards for her contributions to business and society, including the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the National Black Chamber of Commerce’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Despite her many accomplishments, Howroyd remains humble and focused on the future. She is driven by her passion for helping people and businesses succeed, and is committed to using her success to make a positive impact on the world. In her own words, “I believe that if you’re blessed, you should bless others. I believe that if you’re successful, you should share that success.”

Howroyd’s story is truly one of inspiration and perseverance. She started from humble beginnings, but through hard work, determination, and a relentless drive to succeed, she built a global company that has helped countless people and businesses to thrive. She has proved that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and the right mindset. Her story inspires us to believe that we can all achieve our dreams, no matter what obstacles we may face along the way.

Janice Bryant Howroyd’s impact on the world is not limited to just business, but also in the community, her philanthropy and mentorship, she has played a big role in the empowerment of women and minorities in the workforce. She broke barriers as a black woman in the business world, and continues to pave the way for others to follow in her footsteps. She is a true role model and an inspiration to all those who strive to achieve their goals and make a difference in the world.

In conclusion, Janice Bryant Howroyd is an exceptional woman who has made a lasting impact on the world of business and beyond. Her story is one of inspiration, perseverance, and determination, and serves as a reminder that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and the right mindset. She continues to inspire and empower people to chase their dreams and make a difference in the world.