Is it time to move your career forward?

Author: AB Staff

Is it time to move your career forward?

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Whenever we find a workplace, we always find that sense of convenience and we strive to keep working there for as much time as possible. That’s great, but in some cases it can end up putting your career on hold. There are lots of amazing opportunities you can access nowadays, so you do need to figure out when and how to move your career forward. Which brings the question, when is it the right time to move on with your career? Let’s find out.

The signs showing you need to move your career forward

One of the toughest things for many of us is to make changes, since we are creatures of comfort. However, growing and expanding our career is very important, and it can bring in front an amazing potential. For example, if you already worked within the same company without learning new things, any promotion or advancement, then that’s a clear sign things are stale and won’t really get better.

Another thing to note is that you’re not learning, and that makes you unhappy. A lack of feedback also shows you’re not growing your career, and the same thing can be said about constant restructuring within your current workplace. When you see these things it can be a great idea to try and move on, find new opportunities and expand your career!

Know your value 

It’s crucial to understand your true value and not accept low offers just to have a job. That’s one of the issues many of us are facing, we undervalue ourselves and business owners take advantage of that. You should always focus on learning, expanding your skills and understanding your true value. Once you do that, it becomes a lot easier to find a workplace that not only appreciates you, but also pays you according to your skills and expertise. 

Work on your personal branding

You should always try to create a personal brand and work on it as much as possible. Not only will it increase your value within the business world, but it also makes it easier to find great opportunities as well. For example, you can become an influencer, educate people and even earn additional income on the side. It’s a great opportunity and one of those things that can make a huge difference.

Think about what you want to achieve

When you want to move your career forward, a very good idea is to visualize the person you want to be, practice “I” statements and also focus on your career goals. Is your current workplace offering ways to pursue your dreams and achieve those goals? If the answer is no, finding a better workplace where you can actually harness your skills and also learn new ones is a very good idea.

Create a roadmap and an action plan

Once you know what you want to achieve, you want to figure out the steps you must follow to achieve that goal. Establishing a proper roadmap and action plan is very helpful, and it will make a huge difference. We always recommend having a plan and sticking to it, but also adapting it as needed. Having a plan boosts your confidence levels, and it also brings in more focus. Splitting larger career goals into smaller ones can also be just as efficient and helpful!It’s very important to be honest with yourself as you perform a career assessment and see if you are indeed happy or not with your current career direction. The truth is that many times we feel complacent and we enjoy our current workplace because it adds a sense of security. However, in order to unlock your true career potential, you may need to take risks, and doing that can be extremely helpful. We recommend using these tips and ideas, while also setting career goals and working hard to fulfill them one at a time. In case you want to learn more about improving your career and moving it forward, don’t hesitate and enter our forum for more information. Our team and the community are always ready to offer you guidance, assistance and support!