Internships Aren’t Just For Young People

Author: AB Staff

Internships Aren’t Just For Young People

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Starting anything over from the beginning is daunting, but there’s almost nothing more stress-inducing that starting over in the working world. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Internships, previously thought of as “slave labor” of the young and green, are now major career opportunities for anyone of any age looking to break into a new career path or world.

Whether you’re starting over after a break from the workforce, looking to start on a different career path, or just want to try something new, and internship is the way to go. As an older person, what does an internship offer you?

  • New career insights
  • A chance to learn new skills
  • A way into a new industry you’re interested in
  • Networking opportunities

Sound intriguing? You’re not alone! 23% of hiring managers report receiving resumes from older applicants for low-pay or even no-pay internships.

Use these tips to help you find an internship for yourself.

  • Check out Company Websites – If you’re interested in working for a specific company, check out their website. Lots of businesses post job or intern openings on their pages.
  • Reach Out – Reach out even if your desired company doesn’t have any openings listed. They might have an opening coming up they can consider you for. If not, they can keep you on file for anything in the future.
  • Visit a Local Start Up Incubator – These days, start up companies move so fast they don’t even have time to post job openings. Check with a local incubator to see if any local companies might need help. Also, working for a company in its early stages might give you a leg up in that business down the road.
  • Investigate Old School Job Boards – Bulletin job boards are still around! Check your alma mater’s job board (online or in person). Your old contacts from the school might also be able to help you get in touch with the right person.
  • Browse Government Websites – Governments from small and local to big and national always need help. Check out your local government’s webpage for openings.
  • Network, Network, Network – You’ve most likely made lots of connections throughout your life. Don’t be afraid to use them! Friends, family, old coworkers, and even acquaintances are most always willing to help connect you with potential internships.
  • Google It – Doing a basic Google search can bring up lots of local internship information.

There are also bunches of websites that list new internship openings and connect potential employers with employees every day. These sites vary from basic job listings to more unique work experiences where you pay to play.

Do you have any internship experience? Share below! If you want to learn more about internships, or other retirement topics, check out some of our other articles.