How to Live Your Best Life

Author: Mark Danaher

How to Live Your Best Life


Everyone hopes to live the best life, but does anyone know how to achieve it? Everyone’s perspective of the best life is different. Some people think getting into their dream college will be the best life for them while some may believe that signing a new deal will bring forth their best life.

If we asked you about your current life, what would you say? Do you think you are happy and satisfied? Would you call it the best life? Or the life that you may have wished for ten years ago?

Most people will answer no. But you should know that since it’s your lifeyou have to take charge of it. The events that take place in your life might not always be in your control, but your reaction to those events is.

As absurd as it may sound, the reaction you have to a specific event occurring now might control an event in the future. Whatever you do now is entirely your responsibility, so you must take control of it.

You can change things by making certain choices that will have an impact on the paths you choose in the future that will lead to your best life. We will help you with some tips to guide you through!

Head Space

Clear your head and get rid of any negative thoughts which will only dampen your spirits and hinder your progress.

If you have any worries or regrets about the future or the past, let them go. Work on the present because you will soon find out that there are many things that you cannot control. Your worries will settle with time, so do not lose your focus and live your best life.

Living List

You may want to go skydiving or paragliding or walk down the Great Wall of China. It can even be something as small as revisiting a museum from your childhood. These are things that you want to do that may give you a sense of accomplishment.

Make a living list. Checking off these things from your list will give you a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. It will also give you direction and purpose, which are perhaps the core ingredients of living your best life.

Overcome Your Fears

Fear dissipates once you overpower it. Conquering fear by overcoming it is vital to achieving the best life. The strength and confidence that you gain from overcoming your fears will help to achieve even greater things in the future. 

Life Is Short

Life is short and time doesn’t wait for anyone, so you have to take charge of your life right now – at this very moment. Live each day like it’s your best day. Carpe diem!

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