How to Deal with Knee Pain Without Sacrificing Work?

Author: AB Staff

How to Deal with Knee Pain Without Sacrificing Work?


Knee pain is a common outcome in the modern professional environment. Especially professions where you have to work mostly standing or professions where you have to do hard labor, knee pain is a common side effect. And not only that even office workers with their stationary work stations, have also complained of knee pain.

Before we head into management, let’s take a look at why knee pains even occur in the workplace.

Knee Injuries: Over stressing the knees by standing for hours at a time or just by working too hard can damage the muscles, ligaments and even cause nerve compressions which may lead to knee pain.

Tendonitis: Tendonitis is the swelling of tendons. Tendons are responsible for moving your bones. So, excessive working can put repetitive stress on these and cause tendonitis.

Weakened Bone Attachments: If you stay immobile for long hours, such as working at a desk then your knee muscles can deteriorate. This makes the knees weak and stress or pain could be felt when walking.

Overweight: Jobs where you have little to know physical labor at all, can result in rapid weight gain. Various studies have shown the constantly rising cases of obesity among office workers. Obesity or above average weight puts a lot of pressure on your knee joints, leading to injuries and pain.

Now, there is no profession on earth where you can avoid these scenarios. And not working is clearly out of question. So, how do we continue with our work life without putting our knee on the line?

Take It Easy: Your work is important. But, it is not so important that you have to sacrifice your quality of life. So, if your profession involves a lot of physical activity, be sure to take some rest. Maybe enjoy a movie or something from time to time. Give your boy a break.

Exercise: If you find yourself sitting around a lot, then try to exercise. Anyone should be able to squeeze in an hour of gym time into their daily routine. And if that’s not possible, try to get up from your seat every 30 minutes. Do a bit of power walking, sit ups and stretching.

Apply Heat Or Cold: You can add some heat packs or ice packs on your sore knee to mitigate the pain. The pressure and temperature can relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow. This can temporarily manage the pain and accelerate healing.

Get You Knee Checked: If you are experiencing extreme pain on the knee, then contact your doctor immediately. There could be something much more serious going on with your knee which need immediate medical attention.

Knee pain is one of the most common physical complications. After a certain age, about everyone experiences it in some form or intensity. So, there is nothing to be alarmed about. Just follow these guidelines and manage your health. And your knee will be feeling great in no time.

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