Get Matched With A Personal Trainer That Meet Your Needs

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Get Matched With A Personal Trainer That Meet Your Needs

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Exercise is crucial to healthy aging. It is a key force in combating age-related issues such as obesity, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. But how do you find a workout routine for your unique needs?

“An exercise prescription for a 25-year-old would cover just about every 25-year-old living in the nation,†says Michael Rogers, PhD, Professor and Department Chair of Exercise Science at Wichita State University. “Not so with a 55- or 65-year-old, whose injury history and medical conditions will vary, requiring a more individualized program.†A well-planned, progressive exercise program can lead to dramatic improvements in age-related issues, such as strength, balance, confidence and the ability to live independently.

Here are some helpful resources we have gathered to help you find that perfect trainer:

  • Search by name or location to find the best personal trainer for you
  • Find personal trainers catered to your preference and age
  • Have a personal trainer come directly to your home

The best strategy is to contact your local fitness centers and inquire about senior-specific personal training services they offer. Many companies are currently creating businesses around this specific market need, so we will update you as they appear. Remember, if the physical issues of old age are left untreated, they can lead to lower quality of life and less independence. So scour these online resources or your local gym and find the perfect personal trainer for you!

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer? How did you find them? Share your personal training struggles and success stories!

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