Fulfill Your Life with Passion!

Author: AB Staff

Fulfill Your Life with Passion!


Defy personal and societal ageism biases, and you can Age Brilliantly by leading a fulfilling life as long as possible – to 100+!

Ever stop yourself from doing something you passionately wanted to do because of ageism biases? You can set new visions for your life by not “settling” for someone else’s lifestyle. Become the person who does not conform to the status quo!

Passions can range from hobbies to full-time careers.  Incorporating passion-driven activities in your lifestyle is a crucial step to achieving happiness through a life of quality. Tony Bennett’s experience is a perfect example of how you can unleash YOUR potential at anything you choose.

Anthony Dominick Benedetto, famously known as Tony Bennett, is an American singer who specializes in the musical genres of jazz, pop, and more show tunes. At age 95 (yes, 95!), Tony Bennett continues to amaze audiences, even though he suffers from dementia. Over the past seven years, he has performed with Lady Gaga, a world-renown singer and performer who is about half his age, at many concerts and performances.

Tony and Lady Gaga recently produced their second album and celebrated his birthday with an incredible live performance reported on WNYC: Morning Edition. The show has been broadcast on many TV stations to the delight of both their fans and members of Age Brilliantly who want to live as passionately as possible for as long as possible.

Don’t let the Ageism bias hold you back! If Tony Bennett can overcome dementia and ageism, to act on his passion at age 95, You can too!

As George Hegel noted: “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”